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Lanner is a global leader in predictive simulation technology, a key component of advanced analytics, allowing organizations to model complex processes, develop predictive digital twins, harness big data, and experiment with business decisions within a risk-free, virtual environment.

Lanner’s simulation solutions deliver unprecedented insight into existing operations, as well as guidance through foresight for making the best business decisions for the future. Companies investing in digital transformation are able to create digital prototypes, robust business case proposals, and implementation strategies without disrupting their existing business.

With its headquarters and software development based in the U.K., Lanner works with organizations around the world to optimize their resources, streamline supply chains, design new facilities, manage valuable assets, and drive improved business performance.

Lanner’s predictive simulation applications and solutions are widely deployable across distributed cloud environments, mobile devices and secure networks. Lanner’s standards-based, award-winning BPMN simulation engine is embedded within Software AG’s ARIS platform.

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Phone: +44 (0)1564 333 300
Address: 17 High Street · Henley-in-Arden · United Kingdom