Fast Track Services

Reach your goals faster and get more from your technology investment with outcome-based services. 

Follow a well-traveled path to success
Implementing new tech, driving adoption, and scaling growth can mean facing skills gaps and pressure to demonstrate ROI fast. Standardized short-term Fast Track Services engagements—built on experience and best practices—help you achieve your goals faster. Our experts know exactly what it takes to set you up for success at any stage in your journey.  
Accelerate results
Fast Track Services provide bite-sized, custom support to help you reach your goals quickly. Your team won’t have to reinvent the wheel when you empower them with best practices and insights to enhance productivity. Implementation, Advisory, Education, Tools, and Growth services lead to faster ROI. 
Optimize your investment
Make the most of your technology investment with focused engagements that set you on the right path each step of the way. Fast Track Services aren’t just for onboarding. We’ve curated offerings to span your Software AG journey. Our team meets you where you are, providing solutions for your specific goals.
Realize value over time
Ready to scale? Build the necessary skills and confidence with trusted experts. Our global pool of product consultants and partners can answer your questions as you pursue your goals. Their expert guidance goes beyond the technical, helping you make informed decisions and optimize performance for predictable outcomes.

Maximize your tech investment ROI with Success Packages
For seamless onboarding, accelerated time-to-value, and (or) sustained product adoption and growth, Success Packages are the way to go. Unlike standalone Fast Track Services, Success Packages offer a holistic, phased approach to adopting and optimizing your technology investment, giving you the capabilities and strategic guidance to know you’re on the right path. Whether you’re a new user seeking onboarding assistance or a seasoned user ready to accelerate and scale, these outcome-based packages support your complete success. Integration Adoption
Maximize your iPaaS investment by establishing a foundation of best practices. Set your team up for success with integration with schedules, plans, frameworks, and hands-on guidance to help your team create content and code effectively, deliver content to the production environment and provide monitoring for the long-term management of your solution. API Management Adoption
Achieve efficient and scalable API Management with a phased approach to adopting and optimizing the iPaaS platform. Get expert guidance on best practices for designing, developing, deploying, and operating APIs to deliver high-quality API services consistently and adapt to evolving business needs.


Accelerate adoption and optimization of ARIS BPM. Let ARIS experts help you quickly establish foundational processes, provide training for team success, implement frameworks and QA best practices, and provide ongoing expert support to ensure process excellence and operational success.

ARIS Process Mining


Fast-track process mining adoption and success in your organization. Get the strategic assessment, hands-on guidance and expert support you need for a smooth rollout, a faster path to valuable insights, ongoing process visibility, and sustained operational excellence.

Success Packages aligned to your journey
Grow and evolve your technology invesments with our three-phased approach.
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