Configure API Gateway Security

Stop worrying about security for the multiple points of access to your API Gateway. Instead, learn how to use best practices to configure API Gateway and know you’re secure from the start. Working with our expert, you will secure your first APIs in three weeks. This includes configuring single sign-on (SSO) in the Software AG Cloud.

What do I get?

Learn how to:

  • Keep your data safe from attacks
  • Determine how to limit API exposure based on business need
  • Protect your underlying systems from API attack vectors
  • Streamline your user management and access control strategy

What can I expect?

This is a remote engagement lasting up to three weeks. During this time, you will be guided through the preparation, delivery, and demonstration of API security capabilities with API Gateway.

Who benefits from the Configure API Gateway Security Fast Track Service?

IT and Operations Directors gain peace of mind that business functionality has been secured using best practices for API security.

Architects and API Administrators leverage API security best practices with guidance from webMethods experts.

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within customer’s standard business days and standard business hours. 

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