Create API Promotion Processes

Get to work publishing APIs in your developer portal. Learn best practices to promote your APIs to users and get up to speed quickly promoting and sharing APIs both inside your company and to customers and partners.

What do I get?

Learn how to:

  • Quickly and adeptly expose underlying data and business services through APIs
  • Leverage best practices that ultimately reduce time to market
  • Experience API promotion with hands-on guidance from the experts in webMethods API management

What can I expect?

This is a remote engagement for 12 days effort over a period of up to three weeks. During this time, you will be guided through the preparation, delivery, and demonstration of API promotion capabilities with API Management.

Who benefits from the ‘Create API Promotion Processes’ Fast Track Service?

IT Directors ensure adoption of best practices in approaches for API promotion.

Architects know they are leveraging API promotion best practices with guidance from webMethods experts.

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within customer’s standard business days and standard business hours. 

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