Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics – Get Started

Develop analytics rules for Cumulocity IoT using Apama, with a hands-on introduction to streaming analytics rules development. Learn best practices for simple and complex streaming use cases, create analytics models using the self-service Analytics Builder, and learn how to extend reusable analytics blocks by using the Analytics Block SDK.

What do I get?

With this offer, you will:

  • Benefit from best practices for Event Processing Language (EPL) development
  • Identify possible streaming analytics use-cases
  • Set up a first rule using EPL Apps
  • Develop a first custom analytics block using Analytics Block SDK
  • Enhance the streaming analytics project for one identified small use case

By the end of this engagement, you will have a better understanding of enhanced streaming analytics capabilities and be self-sufficient when applying best practices to future use cases.

What can I expect?

This is a two-week, fixed duration engagement. During this time, you will receive guidance on streaming analytics via mentoring and collaborative development.

Who benefits from the Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics – Get Started Fast Track Service?

Business domain experts quickly establish teams with hands-on experience using Cumulocity and Software AG best practices.

Developers quickly create and test custom streaming analytics rules using Apama and apply domain knowledge into source code.

Software AG’s Sales and Customer Success team members can provide pricing details upon request. All business will be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed to by Software AG Consultant and customer. Delivery will occur within customer’s standard business days and standard business hours.

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