B2B Supply Chain

Maintaining profitability requires real-time visibility into your B2B supply chain and the ability to improve order orchestration. Software AG’s webMethods Optimize for B2B is an innovative Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) software solution that delivers the tools you need for greater supply chain visibility so you can make proactive decisions to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and protect your revenue streams.

Part of the webMethods Operational Intelligence Platform, Software AG’s B2B supply chain solution enables you to understand and analyze interactions with trading partners and gain visibility into trends and transactions across your trading network. With webMethods Optimize for B2B, you can quickly determine the health of your B2B supply chain processes, achieve B2B integration, measure partner performance and head off potential problems using real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

B2B supply chain visibility with Software AG

webMethods Optimize for B2B enables you to define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time, delivering insight into what is happening right now so you can make better, more timely decisions. With B2B supply chain, for example, it’s easy to use greater order visibility to track success by determining how many orders you’ve received, or to track percentages of late deliveries so you can address supplier performance immediately.
Features of this B2B supply chain technology include:

  • A unified view of your B2B supply chain data, enabling you to gather and track business data across your B2B transactions and gauge the health of your B2B processes
  • Proactive, exception-based alerts that notify you when specific criteria are met or thresholds are exceeded
  • Intelligent self-learning technology that automatically learns your network’s normal behavior and alerts you if anything unusual occurs
  • Early problem prediction that lets you identify deviations based on historical behavior in order to head off potential issues earlier

Benefits for B2B supply chain management platform

With Software AG’s B2B supply chain solution, you can:

  • Improve B2B supply chain performance through better relationships with suppliers
  • Resolve process exceptions more quickly across the entire trading partner environment
  • Identify potential breakdowns before they occur to ensure smooth B2B supply chain processes
  • Improve efficiency with system “baselining” that learns normal behavior and intelligently determines which exceptions to alert on
  • Manage your B2B supply chain more effectively with real-time end-to-end visibility
Software AG not only provides solutions for the B2B supply chain, but also for Managed File Transfer (MFT), real-time personalization and more.