What is IoT building automation?

Building automation is a growing focus for facility and real estate managers, especially those interested in reducing energy consumption. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes building automation systems possible. Companies can build applications to support building operations, meet regulatory emissions guidelines and achieve higher levels of occupant safety.

What is the IoT building management accelerator?

The IoT Solution Accelerator for Building Management is an out-of-the-box Cumulocity IoT application from Software AG designed to support companies who want to create, use or sell building automation applications or solutions. The accelerator is an industry-specific add-on to Cumulocity IoT and includes prebuilt and prepacked modules to support HVAC systems and energy monitoring. This building automation software can be customized to a company’s corporate ID for resale without additional development.

Why use the IoT building management accelerator?
Facility managers need to oversee many different aspects and measurements about their buildings, such as humidity and carbon dioxide levels. These measurements ensure the building occupants are safe, operational costs are kept to a minimum, and regulatory restrictions are met consistently.

By taking advantage of predesigned building automation IoT solutions, facility managers can begin monitoring their buildings in real time and repurpose the resources previously tasked with taking manual readings. With prepackaged dashboards, hierarchical data privacy rules, alerts and triggers, facilities managers will be well on their way to supporting an IoT-enabled HVAC solution.

Sample use cases
Many building automation systems are built only for automation but not for optimization. With the IoT Solution Accelerator for Building Management, facility managers have an out-of-the-box IoT building automation system (IoT BAS), built with industry experts, to get the system up and running quickly.

After your devices are registered with Cumulocity IoT, the solution accelerator lets you:

  • Connect your HVAC system and energy meters quickly and immediately begin taking readings
  • Take advantage of prebuilt dashboards, reports and widgets supporting HVAC monitoring
  • Do live stream analytics for faster response times
  • Analyze multiple parameters, such as indoor and outdoor temperatures, within a single dashboard
  • Develop smarter maintenance strategies through trend analyses
  • Use collected data with machine learning algorithms to forecast electrical consumption or find abnormal utilizations

Key considerations
When choosing a solution for IoT building automation management, be certain to ask:

  • Will you have full control of your devices from a support and management perspective?
  • Will you need to customize your IoT solution to fit specific requirements?
  • Will you need to analyze several measurements at once and will this be accomplished manually or is it automated?
  • Will you want to receive live streaming analytics about your HVAC systems?
  • Will you want to predict maintenance cycles? 
  • Will you need to create digital twins of your system?
  • Will you be able to connect third-party tools that connect additional tools within the business?
  • Will you be required to build applications from scratch? If so, how long will it take to build your custom solution?
  • Will your IoT building automation system (IoT BAS) require varied device types, or will they all be identical?

Benefits of the IoT building management solution accelerator

Software AG’s IoT Solution Accelerator for Building Management is built on the world-leading Cumulocity IoT platform from Software AG and offers prepackaged device onboarding, customizable dashboards and predefined business rules to support facilities managers as they turn their buildings into “smart” buildings.

With the ability to support HVAC-related systems within different sites, buildings, floors or zones, this solution accelerator includes 20 predefined widgets to monitor and analyze CO2, energy meter readings, weather, costs and more.

Fast deployment for resellers
Accelerate your time to market with IoT-enabled building automation software. The IoT Solution Accelerator for Building Management is easy to tailor to a company’s brand for resale without additional development.

A real estate investment
By making your buildings “smart” the re-sale value of the property could substantially increase as new owners look to save on operating costs and increase efficiency.

Reduced emissions
HVAC systems that are routinely monitored and maintained are less likely to produce pollution, making it easier for facilities managers to meet all regulatory emissions requirements.

Reduced operating costs
By decreasing unnecessary energy consumption and increasing efficiency within an HVAC system, overall visibility into operating costs will become more apparent and decrease over time.

Flexible uses
Designed to work seamlessly with the Cumulocity IoT platform, this solution accelerator can be easily incorporated into broader smart building applications, apart from HVAC and energy efficiency, or included as part of smart city solutions.