The right IT governance software solution

What is IT governance and why is it so important?

Understanding the role of IT software governance with IT architecture

The larger the enterprise, the greater the need for IT governance, as we all can imagine. Think of a skyscraper versus a one-floor building, and you get the idea: it’s a lot easier managing just one floor! But a skyscraper? The architecture might be all there, but with no way to manage all of it consecutively and know what the goals are per ‘floor’ and what kind of technology each ‘floor’ may need, your architecture might as well be useless!

This is where effective enterprise architecture management makes a real difference provided you have the right IT governance tools in place.

Getting the right IT application governance tools

A strong framework for design and management matters, but the question remains: what makes up an effective IT governance software deployment? After all, we want to know that we’re making the right decision when transforming our IT with a tool designed to give us nothing but the best results.

The top system for IT governance should deliver on these levels:

  • IT insight and analysis of the entire enterprise architecture landscape
  • Increased consistency and enhanced transparency with a centralized and integrated business and IT repository
  • Defined IT uniform standards throughout, reducing cost and redundancy
  • Collaborative platform for better decision making


Ultimately, it’s about a holistic bottom-up approach to IT governance ripe with benefits

As a result, when IT governance establishes the exact enterprise-wide policies your organization absolutely needs, you certainly can’t lose with all the automated workflows, monitoring and notifications necessary to:

  • Increase project control and develop auditable processes
  • Assess impact of technology-related business operational risks
  • Enforce compliance with transparency
  • Define EA responsibilities more clearly
  • Gain deeper insight into information security risks and threats
  • And improve the quality of developed solutions


You accomplish that holistic approach with ease – thanks to Alfabet

Enterprise management certainly won’t get any easier all by itself, and it would get even worse without IT onboard to help manage everything from IT transformation, resiliency, maintenance and more.

That’s where Alfabet comes in: the right IT governance framework is but a click away. You can get your IT transformation streamlined right now.