SOA Governance

A successful Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) depends not only on having a portfolio of quality services, but also on an adequate SOA governance framework to handle the development, deployment, operations and management of new SOA services.

Effective SOA governance requires sophisticated tools to align services with business objectives, ensure that users can connect to and re-use services as needed, and monitor and report on decisions and results. For enterprises seeking highly effective SOA governance and API management, Software AG offers the webMethods API Management Platform.

SOA governance with Software AG

webMethods API Management Platform and its CentraSite software provide an end-to-end integrated tool chain for SOA governance and competing in the new API economy.

CentraSite is an API catalog and SOA registry/repository that promotes the re-use of assets to accelerate and guide the development of new APIs and business services. With CentraSite, developers and business analysts have one place to store, find and re-use thousands of business services and API assets.

CentraSite enables SOA governance teams to manage the entire process of planning, designing and developing APIs and business services. CentraSite simplifies SOA governance too, by ensuring that services and APIs are built the right way and by capturing all documentation details on REST APIs. With information on assets just a click away, SOA governance administrators can make better and faster decisions about business services and APIs. SOA governance practices are aided by access to metrics that track SOA and API adoption and benefits. And with a catalog of re-usable assets, CentraSite eliminates rework by fostering re-use of existing assets.

Comprehensive capabilities for SOA governance

Software AG’s SOA governance solution offers a rich feature set that includes:

  • A unified asset catalog – a central, platform-independent application for defining, describing and storing assets
  • Policy management tools that automate life-cycle processes
  • Smart policy provisioning that automatically applies the right policies to the right assets
  • An API portal that keeps API documents in sync to avoid inconsistencies and eliminate time-consuming manual updates
  • Life-cycle management and versioning that guides the evolution of every service and API asset throughout the SOA life cycle
  • Search and browse features that make it easy to locate and re-use assets
  • Relationship tracking to make sense of the complex interdependencies among services
  • Power analysis to view the impact of proposed changes in a graphical and interactive view of assets and their relationships

In addition to SOA governance solutions, with Software AG Software AG also provides solutions for API monetization, B2B integration and more.