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Accelerate time-to-value for Digital Enterprises, together.

Businesses today know they must digitize or die and are setting aside budget to tackle their Digital Transformation! Seize the market opportunities and accelerate and simplify your customer’s digital transformation journey by connecting the world’s applications, data and devices with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. You will have the right skills and platform strategy at hand to differentiate yourself from the competition and accelerate the time-to-value for Digital Enterprises.

As a partner of Software AG, you can build, sell or implement solutions on industry-leading technologies and access our strong client base of thousands of leading brands worldwide. Count on Software AG to be your trusted partner (RSS Feed). We will work closely with you and provide complete transparency in all we do.

Why partner with us?

Market opportunities

Digital Transformation is forcing organizations to evolve faster than ever, creating a significant market opportunity for those who can deliver products, solutions and services that can help them close the gap between old and new to master the transformation.

Leading technology

Build, sell or implement solutions on the world’s first Digital Business Platform. Software AG technologies work seamlessly with the industry’s best solution providers. We specialize in creating best-in-class software that enables our customers to unleash their vision in a smarter, connected world. By integrating dynamic apps, data-rich IoT, predictive analytics as well as cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment options – we’ve built the optimal foundation for building a digital business. More than 2 million developers worldwide create solutions based on our products.

Strong client base

As a partner of Software AG, you will have access to a blue-chip installed client base, ensuring solid references, recognition and upsell potential. Proven at thousands of leading organizations worldwide, including the world’s top brands, Software AG is an acknowledged leader in addressing the needs of the Digital Enterprise.

Trusted partner

With solid cash flow and a history of strong profitability, Software AG is a solid and stable partner with the agility to react to changing market demands. Established for more than 45 years, Software AG’s 4,500+ employees are the doers and visionaries who work tirelessly to bring transformational thinking to our customers. Count on us to work closely with you and provide complete transparency in all we do.

Partner Benefits


Partnering to power the Digital Enterprise.

Build, sell or implement solutions on the world’s first Digital Business Platform with Software AG. It’s everything you need to accelerate and simplify our customer’s digital transformation journey, develop differentiating digital business applications and deliver measurable customer value beyond all expectations.

Our PowerUp Partner Program offers a variety of engagement models with specific program features and digital transformation benefits designed to best fit your business.

Partner benefits

Reserved markets We work together to establish clear territories and responsibilities.
Predictable rewards Easily understand your reward potential with our open-book policy and simple margin models.
Dedicated support You aren’t just a name on a list—a dedicated partner account manager will work closely with you.
360° enablement Ramp up quickly with a tailored learning path based on a robust assessment of your individual needs.
Managed learning From managed learning programs to expert shadowing, you’ll receive hands-on enablement when you need it, how you need it and where you need it—from start to finish.
Co-innovation Turn your ideas into reality and deliver your solution to market quickly with the support of our Joint Solution Build program, collaborative sales enablement and Digital Marketplace.
Go-to-market support You can count on us to help ensure your success. We provide partner-specific campaigns, invite you to join us in customer-facing events and provide you a presence on the Partner Finder and Digital Marketplace.
Self-services Access robust training, sales and marketing assets, product documentation, demos and downloads through easy-to-use portals. The Partner Business Portal provides you direct access to all the assets you need to succeed.

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