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Every year around the globe, more than 126 billion cubic meters of water are lost due to leakages, poor metering and tampering. Smart water management—made possible by connected infrastructure on the Internet of Things—has come to the rescue.

When you collect data on pressure and flow from your connected meters and other assets, you can protect what’s precious: water, your revenue and your reputation. With smart water management on the IoT, you can:

  • Detect leaks instantly and automate immediate corrective actions
  • Link leak detection with leak fixing so it’s “done right the first time”
  • Monitor and manage asset health to increase effective life, reduce energy usage and predict when maintenance is needed
  • Create an economically and environmentally aware, sustainable utility network
  • Report honestly and accurately to regulators

And the cost savings are spectacular. In Australia, Busselton Water expects:

  • Up to 20 percent reduction in leakage across the distribution system—central plant, main distribution and service lines
  • 15 percent cost reduction
  • 10-35 percent reduction in per capita consumption

In the U.K., a water company predicts savings on reworks alone to be £3.8 million by cutting reworks in half and leak reduction by 17 percent.

How much can you save? At no cost, a Software AG Business Value Engineer can review your current infrastructure and advise on your expected savings and leakage reduction.

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Leverage an IoT smart water management solution accelerator built using best practices from key players in the water industry and the IoT expertise and market-leading IoT device connectivity and management software from Software AG.

Your solution will be 75 percent ready to go. Simply add your customizations on top. Achieve value quickly via a powerful self-service environment that comes with out-of-the box applications.

You’ll be equipped to:

  • Constantly monitor a District Metering Area (DMA) to provide a better understanding of your network to help reduce costs
  • Monitor water pressure and temperature at the meter to help identify leakages and reduce the duration of unreported leakages
  • Identify the areas of change quickly to reduce pressure and/or issue service request to operations team to service the compromised pipeline segment
  • Monitor peak/non-peak water consumption to help manage the pressure and the speed of the water flow
  • Support the demand and identify potential areas where energy consumption (cost) can be reduced via the reduction of operating pressure

Customize the solution to your unique distribution topology using an orchestrated deployment framework, pre-defined water management rules, pre-defined water dashboard widgets and DMA hierarchy mapping.

Then grow to support emerging IoT applications, such as real-time automation and predictive maintenance on equipment, to maximize the benefits of connectedness—that is, increased uptime and more satisfied customers.

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"By adding insight to the data our customers collect, our Cumulocity IoT partnership will help Australian utilities save water, improve services and drive real business outcomes."

— Gerhard Loots | Executive for Global IoT Solutions, Telstra




"With water being such a scarce resource, the use of digital technology to help us better monitor and manage our system will be a huge benefit to our business. This is not just in the conservation of water, but in the provision of more reliable, cost effective water services to our consumer and business customers."

— Chris Elliott, CEO, Busselton Water



Because you’ll be using on open standards, you’ll be able connect any communications-enabled “sensor” on Cumulocity IoT.

You’re also free to run your IoT solution wherever you need it—cloud, on-prem and/or at the edge—and do analytics anywhere, for example, at the edge near data sources.

The Cumulocity IoT platform is built with carrier-grade features, such as secure multi-tenancy, billing, scalability, high availability and encryption and a safe choice, consistently recognized as a “leader” by analysts. Build what you need faster with Cumulocity IoT:

  • Connect 100+ device types, including those on low-power WAN, and 300+ protocols without coding
  • Onboard and manage devices in bulk from a single management console
  • Integrate third-party apps and systems—without coding—to automate actions, workflows and processes across OT and IT
  • Add new features fast by building a microservice once and deploying it anywhere
  • Simply “point and click” to apply data science techniques to get maximum value from your IoT data

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