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We make applications highly scalable with our extensive Terracotta experience and proven solutions in large transactional environments.
  • Enabling Big Data for Real-work value
  • Maximizing Application Performance
  • Providing Customized Training on key technologies (NoSQL, Terracotta, Apama)
  • Coaching and Mentoring client staff
Some specific things we’ve done with Terracotta
  • Custom integration with ORM
  • Relieve database bottlenecks
  • Other atypical uses of the cluster (cluster-wide locking, job scheduling)
  • Save the Mainframe!


Making location awareness accessible to any business

Contextant's ViznTrac is a computer-vision powered indoor location tracking and analytic solution. Contextant can provide you a highly-precise indoor location tracking solution utilizing a combination of video and/or bluetooth beacons to provide the most value for your business. It all integrates into an open and scalable analytic platform with customizable dashboards, heatmap views and rules that can trigger alerts or other actions based on what is happening in your business in real-time.

 Contextant's ViznTrac

Features and Benefits

Indoor Location Tracking
ViznTrac is an indoor location tracking and analytic platform. It is a computer-vision powered solution that overcomes the "crop-circle" style imprecision of traditional wi-fi and bluetooth based tracking solutions. ViznTrac utilizes ceiling mounted cameras for precise x/y positioning and optionally integrates with bluetooth beacons to provide additional information to the Apama-based analytic engine.
HeatMap View
View location information in real-time. View heat-maps based on historical information utilizing such stats as dwell-time, area activations or integrate with other data sources to make the view as valuable as possible.
HeatMap View
Dashboard - Fully customizable
Contextant can deliver fully customizable dashboards that show the stats you are most interested. Be aware of alerts or events occurring in real-time.
Dashboard - Fully customizable
Alert/Action Configuration
Configure alerts or actions that need to be displayed or initiated based on rules you have specified for the system. Built on Apama's streaming analytic platform, ViznTrac is fully customizable and scalable analytic solution.
Alert/Action Configuration


Floor Plan Monitoring

A introductory video explaining how ViznTrac works and how it can be used for floor plan monitoring.

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