Making change happen

with the new
ARIS 10 SR 8 features


ARIS 10 SR8 – Making change happen!

Processes are the heart of your business and you cannot ignore them if you want to be successful in your daily work. If you let them grow wild they can reach a point at which you lose control. Then it’s hard to identify dependencies, reasons for bottlenecks or the right starting points for change.

ARIS helps you to build the right foundation for improvement initiatives and - and thus change. It helps you to understand and visualize your business and to improve your processes by turning insights into value. You can manage your business by sharing and involving employees who can contribute and make change happen.

The new ARIS 10 SR8 provides you with many new features that help you on this journey:

  • Attractive use experience
  • Improved accessibility
  • Support of large enterprise scenarios
  • Smart modeling and notation support (BPMN, DMN & RPA)
  • Integrated Process Mining
  • Expanded ARIS Cloud offering
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