Software AG and India's Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have been strategic partners since 2004. Tata Consultancy Services' global reach, financial stability and vast integration expertise enable customers to deploy Software AG products and solutions more efficiently and effectively.

"Our collaboration over the years has resulted in the establishment and growth of a TCS webMethods Center of Excellence working in various areas including knowledge management, technology change management, and delivery assurance. Today, TCS is a strategic, preferred global system integrator and offshore development partner as well as preferred partner for product development and testing.  Our valued partnership will continue to provide customers with innovative solutions to their business challenges." said Dr. Santosh Mohanty, Global Director and Head of the Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Technology Practice, TCS. 

With around 600 webMethods consultants and more than 500 Adabas & Natural consultants, TCS is the right partner to work on systems based on Software AG products. TCS developed technology-independent business process frameworks and templates, mostly based on ARIS, which provide a basis for accelerated implementations in all relevant IT architectures. In IT technology, TCS has vast experience in all areas of enterprise transaction systems like legacy modernization as well as in setting up efficient SOA architectures to enable use of all IT sources to support modern business process focused applications in webMethods environment.  

TCS´ offshore centers in India, China and Brazil are supplemented by regional delivery centers across the globe, focusing more on regional and country-specific requirements, and a variety of local languages.

Innovative cooperation models, a variety of project delivery models (from waterfall to agile) and investments in specific solutions characterize TCS´ way to support the success of Software AG´s products globally.

TCS Global Operations Solutions

Top floor to shop floor visibility

Enabling collaboration between the top floor and the shop floor

Connect your enterprises valuable applications to provide real time insights to all levels of the organization, facilitate seamless collaboration and quickly identify and act on exceptions.
 TCS Overview Enabling collaboration

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Suitability & Cost Effectiveness With more than 500 templates and data models, the Global Operations Solution is quickly implemented for virtually almost any manufacturer. Because of the depth of the templates, solution implementation costs are 40% - 50% lower than non-templatized implementations.
Complete Visualization & Monitoring From the plant floor to your enterprise wide supply chain activities, Global Operations provides a visual representation to all activities, alerts users to exceptions and enables users to collaborate with each other to resolve open issues.
Role Based Modules
Bring continuity to your entire organization or focus on specific aspects of your enterprise for monitoring and visualization. Eight role based modules, or cockpits, provide targeted functionality for executives to shop floor associates and multiple role in-between.

Role Based Modules

Focus Your Efforts For Maximum Results
Quickly and easily identify areas that require improvement through role based, KPI specific views. Whether OEE or OTIF is your key metric, areas for improvement are visualized and quickly identified by users.

Focus Your Efforts For Maximum Results

Robust Integration Utilizing Software AG's industry leading integration technologies, the Global Operations solution integrates applications and machines alike to provide a comprehensive basis for the solution.
Industry Leading Integration Leveraging the strong webMethods product set, Global Operations combines application and machine data to provide a comprehensive view of organizational activities and visually represents functions and outcomes.
Location & Equipment Specific Visualizations
View a location, a specific piece of equipment or all of your locations around the world.

Location & Equipment Specific Visualizations


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20-20 Action - Active Transfer Accelerator

Accelerated development for Active Transfer

Accelerated Active Transfer Configuration - 20 Min to 20 Sec

A simple and efficient solution to accelerate the development of Active Transfer interfaces. The accelerator is predominantly built over webMethods technologies utilizing the APIs, Software AG Java package, Jquery and core Java. This accelerator can be used even by naïve developers who are new to Active Transfer as a product. The intuitive screen and intelligent client-side validations ensures a faster and consistent development of interfaces.

 Active Transfer Accelerator

Features and Benefits

Bulk Development For bulk configurations requiring tens of hundreds of MFT interfaces, the Action accelerator makes it convenient and simple without requiring to navigate across multiple Active Transfer tabs for each interface. After the prerequisites setting in an excel sheet, the entire bulk development is achieved by a click of a button.
Naive Developers For inexperienced ATG developers, Action 20-20 is a boon that facilitates development by natively shielding the intricacies involved in ATG development. Through the Excel based configuration and a click of a button upload, the entire development process is made effortless.
Active Transfer Development The 20-20 Action accelerator replaces the time consuming and mundane manual development of file transfer interfaces using Active Transfer. It has the following benefits when compared with the manual development. 1) Relieves naïve developers from the intricacies of Active Transfer product knowledge 2) Consistent development through automation – mainly for time-consuming and tedious bulk-development 3) Built-in fool-proof validations for a standard development.
Avoid Manual configuration Through simple excel based configurations validated through built-in features, manual development errors are eliminated at the design stage - thus also standardizing the development across the organization.
Client-side validations Besides leveraging and orchestrating the Software AG provided API, Action accelerator does intelligent client side validations including but not limited to the duplicate vendor checks, case-sensitivity, mandatory fields and even physical directory existence - thus making the development consistent and efficient.





Presentation 20-20 Action [ACtive Transfer ConfiguraTION]

Typical Configuration

20 20 Action Screenshot 1


Action Development - An overview

20 20 Action Screenshot 2

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