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Software AG’s ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform is ideal
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Analyze and optimize your business processes with Software AG

With better processes across business, IT and SAP systems, your Digital Enterprise can respond faster to changing business, customer and market needs. Use the ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA) Platform to document and design your strategy, processes and architectures. It’s ideal for analyzing, simulating and optimizing your business processes with our mapping software. With ARIS Business Process Analysis, you can leverage the wisdom-of-the-crowd to support continuous process improvements and benefit from governance to keep processes under control. You also can build an effective enterprise management system while keeping customer experience management a priority. All these capabilities are key to your survival in the digital world.

What you can do with this platform

Document and design
  • Document business processes and dependencies between organization, processes, data and IT-applications
  • Design internal business processes while taking customer emotions and expectations into account
  • Align corporate strategy with operational business processes and IT architecture by combining ARIS Business Process Analysis and Alfabet capabilities
Analyze and optimize
  • Automatically discover end-to-end processes and map them with your designed to-be processes for greater transparency and deeper analytics
  • Report process information and evaluate process KPIs to drive process optimization
  • Simulate processes to identify bottlenecks, gaps and process improvement areas
Collaborate and govern
  • Share all process information and related documents through a company-wide portal as the central hub
  • Collaborate on process assets and collect improvements from all stakeholders via a role-based process portal
  • Govern and manage processes to support continuous process improvement

Key benefits

Increase process agility Flexible business process analysis tools and IT assure agile reactions to changing market conditions, business models and customer requirements.
Reduce implementation times Reduce the time to design new processes and implement into IT systems, such as SAP, by re-using existing best-practice processes.
Increase process efficiency Improve the performance of your processes by analyzing and simulating them to remove bottlenecks, identify and remove waste and duplication. Compare designed and discovered processes side-by-side to identify differences.
Enhance quality Improve process and IT quality through better definition of processes, avoidance of system breaks and better process communication.


Analytics Implement process mining insights to make operations more efficient
  • Quickly start detailed structural analysis of the process to determine root causes of process bottlenecks
  • Use intelligent insights into business processes and their dependencies to reduce costs and complexity
  • Compare actual (as-is) and desired (to-be) processes side-by-side to identify differences

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Design ARIS software offers an easy-to-use tool for enterprise-wide business process design. You can create models quickly and present them so they are easy to understand:
  • Create, analyze, manage and administer your process architecture
  • Document and align your corporate strategy with business processes and IT
  • Describe the resources needed for the processes and environment in which they operate

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  • Reconstruct each process from start to finish
  • Generate a graphical representation of business workflows based the actual process data automatically
  • Analyze process variants, from the most common process flow to a full visualization of all existing processes
Repository Manage process assets in the extensible method-based and multi-language ARIS repository:
  • Keep track of version control and change history
  • Create a “single truth” for process information
  • Collaborate and report without misunderstandings
  • Make process information a re-usable corporate asset
Document management Upload, manage and share process-relevant documents, control access permissions, and integrate to other document management systems, such as Microsoft® SharePoint®.
  • Access documents anywhere, anytime
  • Enable users to trigger improvements
  • Link people, processes and documents
Publishing Share process information with a flexible and customizable role-based process portal:
  • Publish process information quickly, flexibly, reliably
  • Create easy and intuitive views of process models
  • Improve acceptability through business-oriented presentation
Collaboration Unlock the power of collaborative process improvement:
  • Engage anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Design, publish and create dashboards all in one tool
  • Link people, processes and IT
Reporting Evaluate processes in terms of quality and usage using KPIs:
  • Understand and increase the business value of processes
  • Identify optimization potential using proven analysis
  • Implement best-practice processes and procedures
Simulation Analyze business processes to improve process efficiency and cost effectiveness:
  • Identify your best processes
  • Understand and increase the business value of processes
  • Determine best use of resources
Model-to-Execute Align ARIS process blueprints with execution in webMethods BPMS:
  • Easily collaborate and align processes
  • Implement changes quickly
  • Automate processes successfully
Connectivity for SAP solutions Synchronize ARIS processes with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 for customizing, testing, training and roll outs:
  • Save time and ensure quality of an SAP solution
  • Lower TCO with ARIS and SAP Solution Manager
  • Ensure transparency of SAP systems and processes
Test design Re-use defined business processes and design test cases graphically or automatically to:
  • Improve process quality in later project phases
  • Save time by re-using existing data and processes
  • Reduce risks of incomplete testing
Governance Manage the process of process management:
  • Implement processes in a lightweight, model-driven way
  • Make changes without IT’s involvement
  • Reduce implementation efforts by 50 percent

Business needs

Enterprise management system

Take the opportunity digital transformation offers to increase quality, manage risks and become more agile and efficient! This is precisely what you can do with a responsive enterprise management system. Embrace an enterprise management system to align your organization, integrate all relevant information and documents, act on employee feedback, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Digital transformation

To really become a digital business, you need to establish a practice for digital business design and planning. It will help you innovate faster, deliver more expediently and ensure all costs and risks are understood along the way.

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Customer experience management A good process is no longer enough. It’s the customer experience which the process delivers that really counts. Customer experience management helps to understand what customers want and how they want to interact with business.

Define customer satisfaction as a key differentiator and take customer emotions and expectations into account. Design and analyze business processes from the outside-in to assure they reflect new opportunities and innovations.
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IoT-driven business transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just an IT topic. If your goal is to enhance operational efficiencies, create new revenue streams or deliver a more engaging customer experience, you need to consider the IoT from a business perspective as well. With ARIS, you can plan IoT projects, design and manage IoT processes, and monitor and control progress.
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Process Analytics

Improve the transparency of your enterprise and drive better decisions based on powerful visualizations of reliable process mining and data analytics to continuously improve process performance. Measure and map your processes as they really are next to originally planned and designed ones incl. all relevant KPIs. Monitor the fulfillment of business goals and identify optimization potential in your business processes to create a decision-making basis for employees, process owners and management.
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Process-driven management for SAP solutions Process-driven management for SAP provides the necessary support throughout the entire SAP life cycle, from strategy and requirements analysis through blueprinting to configuration, testing, training and rolling out SAP solutions. If you want to become a digital business as an SAP shop, make sure your journey is on the right track.
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Strategy to execution Define your corporate strategy and then analyze, build, operate and monitor your business solutions to assure you reach your objectives. An end-to-end approach keeps you in control of your strategy and any initiatives that support it.
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ARIS Architect/ARIS Designer Flagship ARIS products used to create, analyze, manage and administer the whole enterprise model, from strategy over business processes to information architectures, application landscapes and services.
ARIS Aware Improve the transparency of your enterprise and drive better decisions based on powerful visualizations of reliable data analytics.
ARIS Connect Provides individual user perspectives combined with social networking capabilities that allow people to contribute to process improvement based on their unique skills and experiences.
ARIS Mobile/API Access Leverage ARIS capabilities and content for mobile use and create your own ARIS applications (mobile and non-mobile) for innovative enterprise use cases.
ARIS Business Strategy Bridge the gap between your strategy and operations with easy-to-use modeling capabilities as well as collaboration support and strategy communication. Put your strategy to work!
ARIS Simulation Enables simulation and analysis of business processes. An extension pack for ARIS Architect.
ARIS Process Governance Lets you establish enterprise-wide policies for BPM and automate governance processes using a model-driven approach. An extension pack for ARIS Architect.
ARIS for SAP Solutions Complete SAP projects quickly and successfully while bridging the gap between business and IT.
ARIS Process Performance Manager What can’t be measured can’t be optimized. So measure, then optimize with ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM).
Model-to-Execute Aligns architecture, design and implementation of business solutions with ARIS and webMethods BPMS.

SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.



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