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We would like to invite you to join the ARIS User Group Nordic (AUGN) in order to grow your initiatives within the scope of process management and enterprise architecture – covering both the business- and IT-perspective.

The idea of this forum is to provide you with a place to take your questions, get energized, find inspiration and support from peers. The challenges discussed are often not tool-related, but to work for an ARIS-using company is a prerequisite to be a part of this strong Nordic forum. AUGN is a network of members from all over the Nordic region giving you the possibility to strengthen the BPM initiatives of your company by learning from the success and mistakes of others.

The forum is driven by members for members and has a steering committee consisting of members from different Nordic companies; Statoil, SKF, Maersk Drilling, Outokumpu and Yara International. Software AG has a supporting administrative role and is active when requested by the steering committee. No members from consultancies or software vendors are allowed, making sure everybody has the same agenda for the meetings. Membership is free of charge, as well as meetings and activities.

The communication is based on 1-2 meetings per year, taking place at one of the member companies. We also have an official website on LinkedIn where information, sharing, discussions and details about upcoming meetings are posted.

The AUGN was established on November 5, 2008, and today holds more than 200 members from around 60 Nordic companies. We're still growing. Welcome!

Are you a member already? Please go here to get to the official AUGN webpage.

Kind regards
The Steering Committee of the ARIS User Group Nordic

Ilona Koski, Outokumpu
Stuart Trott, Yara International
Frode Lidal, Statoil
Harry Ratia, SKF
Kasper Vestergaard, Maersk Drilling

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Information will be updated when next meeting is planned.


This is what some of the members say:


"I believe that the AUGN meetings and AUGN group at LinkedIn are good channels to share knowledge and experiences as well as to meet interesting people."

—Tobias Folkman, Information Management Specialist within Business Process and Information Management at Ericsson


"Being part of this group has many benefits. Meeting new peers, getting ideas that develop my thinking around process management and being updated on the ‘what's new’ section are examples of this. Hopefully I will also have something to offer to the group and its members."

—Harry Ratia, Process documentation specialist, SKF

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Membership criteria:

  1. You need to be employed by an ARIS using company, but not a consultancy or software vendor.
  2. You want to be an active member and take part of the meetings, webpage discussions and to network with other members.
  3. You need to be willing to state your name and contact details to the other members.

How to become a member?
Please register to become a member via the following link. Your application will be approved by the steering committee and you will get access to the group on LinkedIn and receive the meeting invitations and newsletters. Membership is free of charge.


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