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Join us at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 Oct. 16 - 18 in Barcelona to experience Internet of Things innovation beyond your imagination. Explore everything Cumulocity IoT, Software AG’s rebrandable platform that’s fast becoming the backbone of IoT services around the globe!

Dive into an IoT-connected future at booth C310 and meet with our experts for an insightful demo of Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT. Discover why leading enterprises in every industry are quickly connecting every “thing” that matters using Cumulocity IoT.

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Explore what’s possible with our latest IoT demos that showcase actual customer use cases for real-world context, depth and breadth. Learn from our IoT experts as we take you through scenarios for:

SMART ASSET MANAGEMENT: Easy connection & management of remote equipment
“Be there” without actually being there. This demo shows how you can autonomously manage, monitor and interact with industrial equipment using Cumulocity IoT. Case in point: a wind farm with massive wind turbine machines. The same software architecture works from the edge to the cloud with identical APIs, data models and analytics—a unique Cumulocity IoT advantage. Wind turbines are monitored by extracting data from equipment at the edge and consolidating and sending that information to the cloud. This way, decisions are made using real-time measurements. Thanks to our Cloud Field Bus functionality, you can easily enable any asset including Industrial 4.0 equipment with OPC UA, Fieldbus, CAN bus and PROFIBUS standards and protocols, among others. Based on a real Cumulocity IoT use case!

SMART IIoT IN A BOX: Increasing uptime, output and productivity with Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0
Maximize the output of industrial equipment on a mass-production scale by using Cumulocity IoT and the Software AG Digital Business Platform. Step into a shift leader’s shoes to experience how real-time condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, production process optimization and field service management on an SMT production line increase uptime, output and productivity—all made possible by the edge capabilities and openness of the Cumulocity IoT platform. Live demos show device management and connectivity, predictive and edge analytics, process mining, process automation, low-code app development as well as application integration in action. One industrial-grade IoT bundle improves processes and delivers real business value. That’s the rapid, open and secure IoT-powered world of Cumulocity IoT.

SMART CITY: Imagine intelligent trash cans and city sensing
Technology serving the people! Witness what is possible once cities adopt a rapid, open and secure approach to technology. Using the Smart Service Platform from Software AG to unify their systems, and then safely share data with private service providers, cities can improve the delivery of services to citizens. Learn how waste management services can be taken to the next level—using smart bin sensors and mobile portals to know when service is needed. Payments flow smoothly through a shared billing service provider. Real-time monitoring and tracking keep local government squarely in the know and in control. Get a glimpse of what API-enabled municipal service is possible in your community today.

Secure blockchain-based SUPPLY CHAIN TRACKING PLATFORM with IoT sensors for temperature logging
Pharmaceutical products are often fragile and expensive, which presents a problem when being transported long distances. Products regularly are stored at the wrong temperature, get broken or even stolen all at important economic cost. The Mytigate solution, developed in collaboration with GFT, is a blockchain-based supply chain tracking platform that allows companies to track and trace pharmaceutical products as they get shipped. It uses Cumulocity IoT to sensorize the packages in order to detect anomalies, such as temperature deviations during shipping. Through the integration with blockchain, the Mytigate platform represents a new generation of supply chain tracking platforms that allows all parties involved in shipping to immutably register all steps on the blockchain through easy-to-use mobile and web apps, so creating a full and trusted view of incidences along the shipping process. This can in turn be used for better route selection and other types of risk mitigation.

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The Industrial IoT (IIoT) connects equipment and facilities in industries such as transportation, energy, and healthcare. The benefits are high so are the risks. Security is a central issue for the Industrial IoT especially given the increase in recent attacks on these systems. Attend the panel discussion “Making End-to-End IIoT Security a Reality” at 18:15-19:00 on Oct. 17 for valuable insights on protecting your assets in the IIoT age. Our own Bart Schouw, VP for Digital Alliances at Software AG, is hosting the panel discussion on what it takes to make end-to-end security a reality for Industrial IoT, where it has been done, the benefits and lessons learned.

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