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As the growing popularity of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) continues to drive new opportunities and broadens the marketplace, an API monetization strategy is essential for any company that wants to jump on the new API economy.  A variety of API monetization models exists—from pay-as-you-go to monthly/annual billing to “bucket” purchases of API transactions to be consumed over time.  But no matter your approach to API monetization, you’ll need a superior API management solution to handle all the tasks involved in API development and implementation, as well as API monetization.  

When choosing a solution that seamlessly supports API monetization, more companies today are turning to Software AG’s webMethods API Management Platform.

API monetization with Software AG 

The webMethods API Management Platform provides a powerful solution for API monetization, helping you manage the entire API life cycle more easily and expose APIs to external developers, partners and other consumers. 

With webMethods, you can: 

  • Manage the process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning, and retiring APIs and services 
  • Securely provision APIs, providing authentication, mediation, payload transformation and API monetization 
  • Analyze usage of APIs, collecting metrics for performance dashboards, SLA violations and invoicing for API monetization 
  • Gain real-time visibility into the status of service transactions as they flow across heterogeneous architecture 
  • Get notification of events and alerts so you can take immediate action to address problems 
  • Enable process automation and automatically create API documentation and provision policies 
  • Integrate easily with back-end systems and applications 

webMethods also includes an API portal available in the cloud, providing developers with easier access to your APIs.

Benefits of webMethods API Management Platform for API monetization 

Software AG’s webMethods API Management Platform offers key benefits for API monetization.  With webMethods, you can more easily expose unique corporate assets as APIs, provisioning mobile and Web apps to serve any device or technology.  Leveraging the development community, you can reach new markets more easily, creating new sales channels and extending your reach. webMethods also helps to accelerate enterprise cloud, hybrid and mobile strategies. 

webMethods API Management also supports API monetization by streamlining management of APIs through CentraSite, an API catalog and SOA registry/repository that simplifies SOA governance, API management and SOA life-cycle management. CentraSite enables you to consolidate all of your APIs, services, schemas, documents and other related assets in a single asset catalog, combining rich descriptions of your assets with easy search capabilities, so developers can find the services they need more quickly to make API monetization easier.

In addition to providing solutions for API monetization Software AG also provides offerings for B2B integration, SOA services and more.

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Explore API management with Software AG

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