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Application architecture plays an integral role in achieving business success today. Organizations rely on IT and applications more than ever to get to market quickly and deliver products and services, and having the right application architecture is critical to this effort. As the enterprise transforms to seize new business opportunities, application architecture must transform as well to support new business requirements.

With the complexity of today’s IT architecture, it takes powerful Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) solutions to manage application architecture effectively. That’s why so many leading enterprises turn to the Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform from Software AG to ensure they have the business architecture they need to compete.

Application architecture management with Software AG

Software AG’s Alfabet EAM solution is a collaborative platform that enables enterprises to align their application architecture with business goals and guide competitive transformation. Alfabet not only enables you to understand how effectively and efficiently IT is supporting business goals but where application architecture can be improved to better align with business strategy.

Alfabet provides functionality that enterprises can use to operationalize strategy and assess business capabilities in an architectural context, helping to identify “hot spots” for business improvement and ensuring IT investments are prioritized for relevance and impact.

With this application architecture solution, you can:

  • Deliver IT projects on time and within budget, and in alignment with business and IT strategy
  • Enforce compliance controls more effectively
  • Improve IT governance through defined responsibilities and auditable processes
  • Increase transparency of application architecture to promote and accelerate innovation
  • Optimize cost management for applications and business processes
  • Defend decisions for project funding more effectively

Comprehensive tools for managing application architecture

Alfabet provides a rich set of features that simplify and improve application architecture management. These include:

  • Out-of-the-box EA planning and management processes with a rich meta model for shorter implementation time and faster value delivery
  • A proven methodology for aligning business goals of application architecture
  • Integrated standard software modules for EAM that are based on ERP principles and help to ensure planning information is reliable and up-to-date
  • EA design tools that enable the design and implementation of an application architecture that optimally supports the organization’s business activities

In addition to solutions for application architecture, the Alfabet product family also includes solutions for IT portfolio management and application portfolio management.

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Learn more about EAM

See how to manage your application architecture in the cloud

Look closer at Alfabet for IT portfolio management

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