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As a critical element of Business Process Management (BPM), business activity monitoring helps you understand how well your organization is running in real time. By tracking the performance and effectiveness of various business processes, business activity monitoring is an important part of the continual refinement of business processes. By allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization, business activity monitoring ultimately enables you to resolve problems faster, improve process efficiency and make more informed decisions.

For organizations seeking a superior business activity monitoring tool, Software AG provides comprehensive business activity monitoring capabilities in the webMethods Business Process Management Platform, a leading BPM tool.

Software AG’s business activity monitoring capabilities

Software AG’s webMethods offers a unified Business Process Management System (BPMS) that provides the tools to orchestrate, manage and monitor end-to-end business processes. The BPMS platform provides all the tools you need to create, document, refine and automate business processes to increase efficiency, improve quality and achieve greater performance.

A component of the webMethods BPM suite, webMethods Optimize for Process is a business activity monitoring solution that provides real-time actionable insight into process activity. With this business activity monitoring tool, you get clear visibility into how processes are performing across the enterprise as well as alerts to potential issues and possible solutions. This business activity monitoring solution provides:

  • A single view of systems and processes for a seamless user experience between modeling and monitoring tools
  • Intelligent self-learning capabilities that monitor each KPI and learn what is “normal” based on historical patterns
  • Continuous process monitoring and analysis capabilities that let you examine the root causes of issues in real time
  • Early problem prediction that lets you identify potential issues based on historical behavior
  • Proactive alerts that notify you when certain criteria are met
  • Ready-to-use reports to keep everyone informed

Benefits of Software AG’s business activity monitoring solution

The webMethods Optimize for Process solution and the webMethods business process management tool provide powerful benefits for your organization, enabling you to:

  • Uncover issues and opportunities quickly through real-time analysis
  • Get visibility within systems and across applications, rather than disjointed views into individual systems
  • Empower your users to manage their key business processes by providing a business-friendly environment for business rules management and defining KPIs
  • Make informed decisions before problems impact the business by providing users with root-cause data and actionable recommendations

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