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As IT architecture plays an increasingly important role in business success, enterprises require better tools to ensure they have a business architecture that is clearly in line with their strategy and goals. Due to the complexity of IT and application architecture today, it takes powerful Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) solutions to understand and analyze business architecture and to determine future needs based on objectives for growth and change.

Software AG delivers a collaborative platform for aligning business architecture with business goals in Alfabet EAM Platform. With this collaborative business architecture solution, you can more easily understand and describe complex IT systems and develop standards for change. Alfabet enables you to transform business architecture more effectively by providing an accurate, real-time picture of your IT landscape, including all applications and technologies and insight into the relationships between them, the information they exchange, and the business organizations and processes that they support.

Manage business architecture
with Software AG

Software AG’s Alfabet EAM solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing and transforming business architecture. Capabilities include tools that enable you to:

  • Design and implement a business architecture that optimally supports the organization’s activities
  • Adopt standard frameworks such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) or ArchiMate® to guide Enterprise Architecture (EA) practices
  • Navigate and analyze Alfabet’s EA repository with simple, tree-based navigation and ad-hoc analysis in real time and more than 1,000 standard reports and spreadsheet-based analysis
  • Understand the life cycle of all business architecture elements and report on conflict analysis between various architecture layers
  • Streamline processes across federated environments by standardizing definitions
  • Improve architecture governance by establishing enterprise-wide policies for design, implementation and automation of EA processes
  • Identify SOA-relevant business services and compose SOA processes
  • Integrate with Software AG’s ARIS business process software to create, plan and implement digital business solutions
  • Collaborate across departments to improve processes and identify business architecture requirements

Benefits of Software AG’s business architecture solution

With Alfabet’s rich feature set, you can:

  • Ensure business results by aligning business architecture with business objectives and processes to ensure that IT transformation happens in concert with transformation of the business
  • Improve compliance and control with a holistic approach to IT governance, enforcing compliance controls more effectively and improving governance through more clearly defined responsibilities and auditable processes
  • Increase agility and flexibility by making business architecture more responsive to new business challenges and demands
  • Innovate more quickly by increasing transparency into the business architecture landscape

The Alfabet product family also offers solutions for IT portfolio management and application portfolio management.

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Learn more about EAM

See how to manage your business architecture in the cloud

Learn about Alfabet for IT portfolio management

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