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Whether it’s in sales, production, administration or the supply chain, the business process is the heart of any organization. When you take pains to craft a business process, document it and continually refine it to improve its effectiveness, you can dramatically transform your organization. Employees become more productive, customers have better experiences and the organization achieves greater agility and operational efficiency.

But at a time when organizations and technology are more complex than ever, managing every business process is a real challenge. Business Process Management (BPM) tools can help by automating tasks and providing more visibility into how an organization works, but choosing the right business process management tool is critical. Your solution must be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of your organization, and it must integrate easily with other technology investments. It must help you drive down costs while increasing business process standardization, and support the inclusion of best practices at every step.

For organizations seeking a powerful business process management solution, Software AG offers the webMethods Business Process Management Platform.

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Software AG’s Business Process Management Platform is a unified solution that enables you to create business applications based on orchestrated, managed and monitored end-to-end business processes or workflows. With webMethods, you can quickly find issues, implement and change a business process, and automate manual business process steps to reduce error rates.

Software AG’s business process management solution enables you to:

  • Increase efficiency by automatically executing and orchestrating all steps of a business process
  • Improve quality by simplifying processes and avoiding manual errors
  • Handle issues by quickly re-routing work to other locations or adding temporary resources
  • Improve transparency by monitoring performance throughout business process execution
  • Implement change quickly by refining processes and developing applications faster

Business process capabilities of webMethods BPM

Software AG’s webMethods BPM Platform provides comprehensive business process capabilities that include:

  • Process execution—plan and execute accurately for more transparent, efficient and adaptive business processes
  • Business rules management—define and change rules “on the fly” without requiring development
  • Business console—get role-based monitoring and guidance through Web- and tablet-friendly responsive interfaces
  • Closed-loop analytics—define KPIs and take immediate actions based on alerts
  • Content integration management—re-use documents, forms and other unstructured content when creating business applications
  • Task and team management—improve task management, case management and collaboration

Ultimately, the webMethods Business Process Analysis (BPA) and business process modeling tools help you to achieve business process excellence across the entire BPM life cycle.

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Discover how BPM works

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