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Business process management
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When you need to increase productivity and quality, a Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a critical priority. A great business process management system helps you increase efficiency by introducing automation to more steps in a process. It improves transparency, too, allowing you to get end-to-end visibility into performance and to take action based on real-time analytics. A superior business process management system will identify issues quickly and reroute work to other locations, and help you improve quality by standardizing processes and avoiding manual errors. And by providing you with the agility to transform processes as business needs and the marketplace require, a business process management system can help you achieve greater competitiveness.

Software AG, a leader in solutions that help organizations achieve their business objectives faster, provides a leading business process management system in the webMethods Business Process Management Platform.

A leading business process management system from Software AG

The webMethods business process management tool provides everything you need to improve process speed, gain greater visibility, achieve higher consistency and enjoy greater agility while also driving down costs and improving standardization. With this dynamic BPM tool, you can create and change dynamic business applications quickly and easily, and shift the focus of IT from maintenance to innovation.

Comprehensive capabilities in a business process management system

The webMethods business process management system offers comprehensive capabilities that enable you to:

  • Run processes perfectly orchestrated in an efficient and adaptive process landscape that promotes active error prevention and end-to-end visibility
  • Define and change rules “on the fly” with business rules management tools that don’t require assistance from developers
  • Manage business processes and tasks through a responsive interface that is tablet- and Web-friendly, and that provides role-based monitoring and social guidance as well as a customizable inbox where you can view, act on and collaborate on all assigned tasks
  • Use dashboards and visualizations to define KPIs and to take immediate action based on alerts from process milestones, goals and associated SLAs
  • Manage and integrate content easily, re-using unstructured content like forms and documents that are aligned with processes when you create your business applications
  • Improve task and team management and foster greater collaboration between individuals and teams
  • Use business process modeling tools to align corporate strategy with business processes and IT applications
  • Catch process problems in real time before they impact customers through powerful business activity monitoring capabilities

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Discover how BPM works

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