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Business rules management | Software AG

A business rules management system enables enterprises to efficiently define, deploy, monitor and maintain business rules that govern business processes and organizational policies. A highly effective business rules management solution can help accelerate decision-making, improve the efficiency of business processes through automation and increase agility throughout the organization.

Software AG provides a leading business rules management software solution in the webMethods Business Process Management System (BPMS), a complete and fully integrated platform that supports the complex and ever-changing needs for business rules management of enterprises and large organizations.

Business rules management with Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods BPMS offers a platform with best-of-breed technology that enables you to quickly implement process-driven solutions using your current IT landscape. By automating the orchestration of people, systems and data, this business rules management solution helps to increase efficiency, improve productivity, enhance accountability and reduce errors. Robust analytics enable you to quickly manage exceptions so you can better meet the requirements of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). And with a comprehensive set of tools for business rules management and business process management, you can more easily discover and resolve business problems before they impact your customers.

For business rules management, the webMethods BPM tool enables you to easily define and change the rules that drive processes whenever market, regulatory and operating dynamics shift. You can also change business rules “on the fly” without needing to go through a time-consuming development exercise and without needing to redeploy all the processes that leverage those rules.

Comprehensive tools for business rules management

webMethods BPMS offers a broad range of capabilities for business process management and business rules management:

  • Fast and agile process development capabilities allow you to quickly create change processes with close collaboration between business and IT
  • Process execution tools let you run perfectly orchestrated processes and manage them for high-volume performance and scalability
  • Process simulation capabilities help you understand process behavior and find potential issues before production
  • Content management and integration tools let you re-use documents, forms, shipping papers and memorandums when you automate your processes
  • Operational monitoring and analytics provide an overview of processes in real time through business activity monitoring software
  • UI design and task management tools improve how people interact with your processes
  • Complex event processing lets you identify patterns, trends and unusual situations as they occur
  • Dashboarding makes it easy to create visualizations track KPIs without needing help from IT

Beyond providing solutions for business rules management, Software AG also provides solutions for business process modeling, managing the SOA life cycle and more.

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