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Case management | Software AG

Case management applications are critical to enterprise productivity. By providing case management tools to handle products, enable communications, manage workflows and track progress, these apps enable your employees to manage and resolve business challenges with greater efficiency.

For most organizations, the central question around case management applications is whether to build or buy. Off-the-shelf case management products provide out-of-the-box functionality but can limit flexibility, while custom products can be tailored to your needs but can be more expensive to create and maintain.

Software AG solves this dilemma with the webMethods AgileApps Platform, an amazingly easy, incredibly powerful agile applications platform for delivering process-driven situational and case management applications.

Building case management apps
with Software AG

With the AgileApps Platform, you can deliver case management applications in weeks instead of months. This powerful platform lets your subject matter experts visually assemble case management applications with ready-to-run processes, document assembly, flexible business rules, drag-and-drop e-forms, interactive operational dashboards, customized reports and mobile access.

By enabling virtually anyone to design and run case management applications, AgileApps helps to reduce the cost and time of creating custom apps and enables your organization to respond faster to changing business requirements.

AgileApps enables you to create enterprise-grade case management applications that streamline and automate enterprise service requests by delivering:

  • Case assignment rules and queues
  • Time tracking for case work
  • Pre-defined and dynamic business process creation
  • Integrated task management
  • Activity streams for communications
  • Case analytics and reporting
  • Integrated document and file attachments

AgileApps is available both as on on-premises platform and as a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service.

Benefits of AgileApps for case management applications

The AgileApps Platform provides remarkable benefits for organizations building and using customized case management applications. With AgileApps, you can:

  • Increase agility by quickly building case management applications that engage employees, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Improve customer satisfaction by standardizing customer-facing messages
  • Automate common business activities to speed response times and implement best practices
  • Communicate across channels to respond quickly to new requests, questions and issues
  • Access information and case management applications on Web-enabled mobile devices
  • Visually create business processes to streamline team-based activities and approval cycles
  • Visually create forms to capture a wide variety of data
  • Customize customer portals to provide an integrated and branded portal experience
  • Access business insight with easy-to-configure view and reports

In addition to providing AgileApps for case management applications, Software AG also provides solutions for data integration, hybrid integration, SaaS integration and more.

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