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Mastering data quality in your code sets or reference data is essential to helping your company stay current and in sync across all lines of business. When your code sets are clean and free of errors and redundancies, reports will be more precise, searches more efficient, forecasting more accurate, collaboration more effective and compliance more streamlined.

Software AG provides a leading solution for managing code sets in webMethods OneData, a multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) platform that lets you deliver the consistent reference data your business depends on.

Manage code sets with Software AG

webMethods OneData offers five solutions for managing shareable enterprise data. The reference data component provides comprehensive tools for authoring, acquisition, reconciliation, cleansing and publishing enterprise reference data. With OneData, you can easily eliminate redundancies and errors in code sets and ensure that only reliable and accurate reference data flows through your organization and your processes, systems and applications.

Using OneData to manage the quality of your code sets, you can:

  • Master multi-domain reference data and code sets in one solution
  • Ensure that the same version of code sets are used throughout the company
  • Establish and enforce change management policies for code sets
  • Ensure data governance and auditability of code sets
  • Publish code sets to subscribing systems
  • Increase data sharing and collaboration throughout the organization
  • Improve decision-making and forecasting with more reliable reference data
  • Improve financial reporting and compliance
  • Lower the cost of data acquisition and distribution
  • Manage and map internally and externally sourced code sets

Comprehensive tools for managing the quality of code sets

webMethods OneData for reference data provides a broad range of tools for authoring and cleansing code sets. These include:

  • Administrative capabilities that simplify management of code sets with powerful, easy-to-use tools for data stewards and authorized users
  • Data management features for browsing and maintaining repository contents
  • Change management tools that enable you to track every change made to your code sets, recording changes made to data and structures as they happen
  • Acquisition and deployment tools that let you import and export data in a scalable way
  • Distribution capabilities that allow you to distribute code sets via Java® Message Service, XML, Web services, direct updates, email and file transfer
  • Workflow features that integrate automated workflow processes, change request forums and email notifications with data changes in a collaborative environment
  • Governance capabilities that provide a comprehensive framework with complete stewardship controls
  • Versioning tools that enable you to manage and version hierarchies of multiple types of reference data
  • Reporting wizards that enable better analytical and compliance reporting
  • Audit trail features with ready-to-use detailed audit log viewing and reporting

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