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Because the business cost of bad data is extraordinarily high today, superior data governance is paramount for any competitive enterprise. Data governance helps to ensure data quality by identifying and eliminating duplicated, outdated, incorrect or incomplete information that resides in multiple IT systems across a company’s data center. As data is created, acquired or entered, data governance solutions provide rules that guide the merging, cleansing and matching, validating and security of any kind of shareable enterprise data.

For a leading data governance solution, savvy enterprises around the world turn to Software AG’s webMethods OneData, a Master Data Management (MDM) platform for governance of master data, reference data, code sets, hierarchies and business metadata.

Data governance with Software AG

OneData provides five solutions in one MDM platform that help to achieve exceptional data governance. OneData’s data governance framework is a process flow that supports the entire MDM life cycle. With a highly configurable and tightly integrated data management process, OneData’s data governance capabilities support model-based, rules-driven import for merging, data validation, data cleansing and matching, role-based security and stewardship controls. The data governance process is highly collaborative with a workflow and approval process that allow you to build multiple routings and layers triggered by the type of data change. Changes and user actions can be audited to improve accountability, and you can use corporate email to communicate notifications and alerts.

Five solutions for data governance

Data governance is managed and improved by each of OneData’s five components:

  • Multi-domain master data management offers quick time-to-value by allowing you to leverage existing data modeling tools and subject domain expertise
  • Customer data management lets you to merge data from multiple sources into a single OneData hub for consolidation, cleansing, address verification and geo-coding
  • Reference data management enables you to create code sets and enrich them against third-party validation sources, and facilitate mapping or cross-walked between external and internal reference data sets
  • Hierarchy management makes it easy to create and manage hierarchies with creation wizards, versioning, workflow approvals, collaboration tools and a configurable business rules engine
  • A metadata registry helps you organize the content and representation of data elements by promoting common understanding, standardization and re-use of data components

In addition to data governance solutions, Software AG also offers solutions for in-memory data management, application modernization and more.

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