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As your business grows and your IT environment becomes increasingly complex, data integration presents an ever greater challenge. Rapidly growing data volumes and increasingly diverse data sources make data integration particularly difficult, while mergers and acquisitions can create new and continual data integration headaches. Yet the task of data integration is critical to business success as customers, employees, partners, vendors and suppliers are all relying on your data to be continuously available and your data quality to be uncompromisingly high.

That’s where Software AG can help. With market-leading data integration solutions like webMethods OneData, you can integrate data easily and confidently to provide everyone with information they can count on.

Data integration with webMethods OneData

Software AG’s webMethods OneData is a Master Data Management (MDM) platform that provides you with five data solutions right out of the box. OneData simplifies data integration by dramatically improving the quality of data. With OneData you can easily reconcile, cleanse and synchronize any master data, eliminating errors and redundancies across databases, processes and applications.

To support superior data integration, OneData solutions include:

  • Multi-domain MDM tools with a “drop-in” modeling strategy that lets you use your organization’s pre-existing data modeling tools and subject domain expertise
  • Reference data management tools that enable you to model and harmonize reference data, easily creating and enriching code sets against third-party validation sources
  • Customer data management capabilities designed to support the complete Customer Data Interchange (CDI) process flow and allow the merging of multiple source systems into a hub where data can be consolidated, cleansed, verified and geo-coded
  • Hierarchy management tools that include hierarchy creation wizards, versioning, a configurable business rules engine, workflow approvals, collaboration and security
  • Metadata registry based on the ISO 11179 standard that promotes standardization, understanding and re-use of data components within and across organizations

Benefits of OneData for data integration

Using webMethods OneData to improve data integration and management enables you to:

  • Make trusted data available to everyone through a variety of access points that include portlets, record links, cloud instances and mobile devices
  • Improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and risk management by eliminating data redundancies and errors
  • Improve decision-making and forecasting by improving data quality and simplifying data integration
  • Manage data integration projects from mergers and acquisitions more easily
  • Increase confidence in your data with a comprehensive governance framework that supports the entire MDM life cycle for managing any kind of shareable enterprise data

In addition to data integration solutions Software AG also provides Platform-as-a-Service solutions, enterprise messaging, managed file transfer and more.

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