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Data quality is critical to your business in many ways. Whether you’re seeking to improve strategic decision-making, reduce time-to-market, ensure accurate data integration or improve customer satisfaction, you need superior data quality to be successful. With trusted and shareable master data for customers, products, vendors, employees and locations, you can increase operational efficiency, improve analytical processes and drive process-improvement initiatives.

Software AG provides a leading data quality solution in webMethods OneData, a multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) platform that offers five solutions in one.

Improving data quality with Software AG

OneData is designed to manage data quality for any kind of shared data, including master data, such as product, customer and reference data, such as code sets, enterprise hierarchies, or technical and business metadata. OneData enables you to ensure data quality by reconciling, cleansing and synchronizing any master data and by eliminating redundancies and errors across applications, databases and processes.

OneData components include:

  • Multi-domain MDM that ensures only reliable, accurate and approved information is used in enterprise processes, applications and systems
  • Customer data management capabilities for consolidating, reconciling, cleansing, governing and synchronizing all data about your customers
  • Reference data management capabilities for authoring, reconciliation, acquisition, phasing and publishing enterprise reference data
  • Hierarchy management for managing and governing all types of enterprise hierarchies in different subject areas with different requirements and use cases
  • Metadata registry for ISO 11179, with tools that promote common understanding, standardization and re-use of data components within and across organizations

Benefits of improved data quality

Ensuring data quality with webMethods OneData provides significant benefits for your organization. By making consistent data accessible everywhere—in-memory and via mobile devices, cloud instances, record links and portlets—you can provide decision-makers at all levels of the organization with the data they need for better analyses and improved forecasting. With higher data quality you can increase operational efficiency, improve risk management, simplify regulatory compliance and manage data for mergers and acquisitions more easily.

webMethods OneData’s data governance framework helps to ensure data quality with a process flow that supports the entire MDM life cycle. An integrated data management process supports model-based, rules-driven import for merging, data cleansing and matching, role-based security, data validation and stewardship controls. With a highly collaborative workflow and approval process, you can create multiple routings and layers that are triggered by a type of data change.

In addition to providing a leading data quality solution, Software AG also provides solutions for case management, managed file transfer, preventing energy theft and more.

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