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Digital signage | Software AG

Digital signage is about to revolutionize retail advertising.

Targeting advertisements to match the demographics of different audiences is a foundation of a successful marketing. Television advertisers target audiences based on who is likely to be watching a given program, while e-commerce sites target audiences based on browsing history and online behavior. But brick-and-mortar retailers have been unable to apply the same techniques to in-store advertising—until now. Software AG, a leader in digital transformation solutions for the enterprise, offers a digital signage solution that makes in-store targeted advertising a reality.

Digital signage from Software AG

Software AG’s smart signage is a digital signage solution that uses face detection technology to automatically detect demographic features of a customer in the store. Streaming analytics from multiple video feeds enables this digital signage solution to determine the age, gender and sentiment of a person looking at a screen. Combining this information with other real-time data feeds, such as time of day, weather, available inventory and campaign goals, this digital signage solution can provide highly targeted advertisements to customers in order to maximize response.

Software AG’s digital signage technology provides the ability to:

  • Target messaging to passing viewers throughout the retail space
  • Contextualize messaging based on other real-time data feeds
  • Insert relevant calls to action into digital signage messaging and automatically manage the responses
  • Connect to existing CRM, advertisement management and other systems to automate action and increase efficiency
  • Maximize value from digital signage placement
  • Use multiple input levels to fine-tune the digital signage output
  • Leverage existing loyalty programs and customer segmentation initiatives

Benefits of digital signage

Digital signage from Software AG provides significant benefits for retailers.

With digital signage, retailers can better target in-store signage to the audience, dynamically changing messages for each viewer. Signage can include static images, ads or video designed to hold the attention of an individual viewer and include customized calls to action based on the viewer’s demographics.

Real-time video feeds enable retailers to collect detailed data for analysis. Software AG’s technology enables retailers to better understand viewer profiles and, using face-detection technology, to understand how the viewer’s sentiment changes while looking at signage. This digital signage technology also provides data on the impact of signage by measuring the length of viewer engagement.

Retailers can also use digital signage to enhance existing signage systems, updating or changing playlists in real time based on the viewing audience and dynamically incorporating calls to action into ads.

In addition to digital signage solutions, Software AG also provides solutions for enterprise messaging, logistics optimization, order visibility, fraud management solutions and more.

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See how to target consumers with smart digital signage

Learn more about location-based marketing

See how to leverage location analytics

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