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As digitization continues to effect radical changes in the world of business, digital transformation must be the agenda of every enterprise. Technologies like the cloud and real-time big data are revolutionizing the way that organizations operate and make decisions, but new business and IT models are required to allow this digital transformation to come to fruition. Standard business applications are no longer equipped to handle the speed of business: digital transformation requires adaptive applications that can be quickly customized to respond to evolving business demands.

For digital transformation, Software AG provides an edge to companies seeking the technological solutions that will allow them to stay competitive through. And Software AG offers the Digital Business Platform.

Digital transformation with Software AG

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, the world’s first offering of its kind, is a service-oriented development environment with a wealth of high-level, out-of-the-box application services that are cloud-capable and mobile-enabled. The Digital Business Platform includes:

  • An in-memory database for in-memory data management
  • A complex event processing engine for processing complex event streams
  • An integration engine
  • A process engine
  • A task engine
  • A visual analytics engine

The Digital Business Platform delivers applications that can adapt continuously and quickly to current needs in support of digital transformation. These adaptive applications are built to change, not to last. That means that rather than buying fixed applications, enterprises can now use the Digital Business Platform to build applications themselves according to their needs for digital transformation. The result is a kind of hybrid solution—a co-innovation between the software provider and the enterprise.

Within the platform, business services can be developed using visual methods or through native coding, using APIs to access the development environment. Users can configure individual customizations without needing to hard code applications. And because the Digital Business Platform is integrated with big data sources, it can process huge data volumes and prepare to master the demands of the Internet of Things—the next big technological revolution.


The Internet of Things is the primary driver of digital transformation. To be ready for the challenges of this next-generation technology, enterprises require flexible IT solutions that enable applications to be adapted quickly and easily in order to respond to current conditions. Software AG’s Digital Business Platform is the only technology solution on the market that can accomplish this—and the only digital transformation solution that genuinely ensures an enterprise has the tools at hand to successfully achieve transformation.

Beyond the aforementioned areas, Software AG’s products and solutions are driving digital transformation in areas such as cloud data integration, energy analytics, mainframe integration, in-memory computing and more.

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Look closer at the Digital Business Platform

See solutions based on the Digital Business Platform

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