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Energy analytics | Software AG

Superior energy analytics can play a significant role in helping utility companies to increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction. From identifying fraud and stopping energy theft to providing real-time information for customers about scheduled and unplanned outages, the quality of your energy analytics can be a decisive factor in ensuring greater profitability.

Software AG provides a leading energy analytics solution based on a world-class integration platform. With the ability to automate the monitoring of a wide array of data streams, Software AG’s energy analytics technology serves as an energy risk management system, providing you with comparison and benchmarking tools to identify fraud faster, protect your infrastructure, keep customers happy and increase your revenues.

Energy analytics to stop theft

Our energy analytics solution is tailor-made for utility companies that want to combat the rising costs of energy theft. This technology enables you to use automation to monitor all of your data streams, including:

  • Real-time incoming alerts from smart meters
  • Changes in consumption patterns compared to historical levels
  • Inconsistencies between billing and consumption
  • Processes associated with investigating suspected theft and questionable service levels

By combining and analyzing all of these multiple streams, you can more easily identify potential energy theft and take actions to stop it.

In addition to stopping energy theft, Software AG’s energy analytics can help provide superior customer service. With real-time access to current and historical measures of service, call center reps can provide greater context for customers who may feel their utility bill is incorrect. And customers calling to complain about outages can receive real-time information about whether the outages were scheduled, where the repair crew is or when the power is expected to come back on.

Comprehensive energy analytics

Our energy analytics solution provides you with the tools to:

  • Monitor and detect potential diversion of current in real time, correlating tamper events with customer status and other operations
  • Identify service failures and distinguish them from situations involving potential theft
  • Match energy consumption profiles against site-specific energy consumption predictors
  • Predict energy use by weather conditions, season, customer class and other metrics
  • Benchmark baseline usage and variability
  • Compare current use to predicted use to identify abnormal events and possible theft
  • Automate processes to protect revenues and improve efficiency, automatically kicking off a process to resolve suspects
  • Prioritize investigations based on the probability of theft and potential loss of revenue
  • Monitor recovery efforts and balance workloads to ensure maximum recovery
  • Track operational costs and revenue recovered “on the fly”

Beyond providing a leading energy analytics solution, Software AG is providing additional solutions for big data visualization, CEM software, real-time personalization, an SAP solution and more.

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Learn more about the technology behind this solution

See how to outsmart energy pirates
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