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Faced with increasing user demand for instant access to streaming data, organizations are turning to robust enterprise messaging solutions in order to keep pace. Software AG Universal Messaging is a real-time messaging technology that delivers high-performance, low-latency messaging across a wide array of delivery channels, including all mainstream enterprise, mobile and Web platforms. Benchmarked as the fastest unified enterprise messaging product on the market today, Software AG Universal Messaging offers the first significant alternative to cumbersome, costly multi-product messaging architecture.

Enterprise messaging with Software AG

Software AG Universal Messaging simplifies enterprise messaging by providing a single solution for streaming real-time data across multiple channels. With the ability to scale without limits to support thousands of connect users, this enterprise messaging solution is the choice of companies that rely on high-performance enterprise messaging for e-commerce, mobile POS and banking, real-time analytics, smart metering and more.

Software AG Universal Messaging is the enterprise messaging of choice for leading financial institutions, powering half of the top eight market-leading FX e-platforms. With market-leading last-mile messaging for single-dealer platforms, this enterprise messaging solution has been powering leading trading systems for more than 10 years in all market conditions.

Features of Software AG’s enterprise messaging solution include:

  • Scalability, with the ability to accommodate any increase in user numbers or data volumes as new delivery channels emerge
  • High availability, guaranteeing message delivery and providing unsurpassed levels of availability with unique active/active clustering for distributed servers
  • Multiple language APIs, with full interoperability between client APIs of your choice
  • Multiple messaging paradigms, with a market-leading choice of messaging standards, transport options and wire protocols from a single solution
  • Security, with encryption, pluggable authentication and entitlements services that have been tested in the world’s largest e-commerce trading systems over more than a decade

Benefits of Terracotta for enterprise messaging

Software AG’s solution provides remarkable benefits for the enterprise. Software AG Universal Messaging enables you to:

  • Accelerate time-to-insight in action with ultra-fast delivery using both brokered and brokerless deployments
  • Simplify enterprise messaging with a platform that eliminates the complexity and latency that are inherent when bridging multiple messaging systems
  • Achieve unsurpassed performance with the fastest unified enterprise messaging product on the market
  • Gain the flexibility you need through access to multiple delivery channels and an enterprise messaging system that supports the market-leading range of platforms and devices

In addition to our Terracotta enterprise messaging solution, Software AG also provides solutions for case management, hybrid integration and more.

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Learn about other Software AG solutions for analytics and decisions

See info on universal messaging with Software AG

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