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FX aggregation | Software AG

In a massive foreign exchange (FX) market, successful firms require sophisticated FX aggregation capabilities if they want to be faster and smarter than the competition. As the volume of trading data grows ever larger and spreads grow increasingly narrow, the only way to outpace the competition is with automated FX aggregation tools that enable firms to get and process information faster, viewing connected markets in a single screen to optimize orders across all markets.

Software AG provides a market-leading FX e-commerce solution based on the Apama FX Streaming Analytics Platform that offers firms powerful FX aggregation as well as FX dealing and FX internalization capabilities.

FX aggregation with Software AG

Software AG’s FX e-commerce platform employs the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. With innovative FX aggregation capabilities, firms can exploit algorithmic trading and pricing services, rapidly deploy existing pricing models, create new models, automate intelligent hedging and offer traders the tools they need to handle trade flow in a real-time and highly fragmented market.

This state-of-the-art solution includes customizable solution components for:

  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Liquidity FX aggregation
  • Auto hedging
  • A custom risk management system
  • Custom pricing models
  • Multi-channel price distribution

Software AG’s FX aggregation solution enables trading firms to get current, real-time metrics from multiple sources and combine them with historical data to identify favorable trading conditions and trends. With a view of all connected markets in on a single screen, traders get immediate access to the full context, including known patterns and relationships, existing data on exchange rate trends and real-time analytics that reveal new patterns. Armed with this data, firms can optimize SOR for best execution across all connected markets and increase profits with customized execution for market conditions and trading venues.

Additional benefits of FX aggregation

Software AG’s FX aggregation solution enables sales teams to be more competitive by providing instant access to different pricing models demanded by different customers and to rapidly shifting currency prices and quotes. With an aggregated view of the market, sales teams can tailor product prices in real time for different clients. And FX aggregation capabilities enable traders to see all orders via automated order processing, getting market data and sending out orders quickly enough to make a profit on the deal.

FX dealing capabilities allow firms to offer the best prices while managing risk more effectively, and FX internalization features make it easier to maintain competitive advantage in fast-moving markets.

Beyond FX aggregation, Software AG also provides solutions for energy analytics, real-time messaging and more.

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