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Companies today have many more tools for fraud detection than in years past. Where fraud detection was once a matter of looking at historical transactions, the advent of automated systems has enabled fraud detection software to spot potential fraud as it is happening and take action almost immediately to stop it.

But with the speed of today’s digital communication, the window of opportunity to stop fraud is brief—usually less than one second. Fraud detection efforts are complicated even further by the sheer volume of transactions across multiple channels—most organizations simply can’t process that much high-speed big data in real time.

That’s where Software AG can help. Our state-of-the-art fraud detection solution helps minimize losses by reducing time-to-detection using the world’s fastest complex event processing engine.

Fraud detection with Software AG

Our fraud detection solution enables organizations to process and analyze more real-time transactions within the one-second window, helping to dramatically reduce losses due to fraud. In addition to an incredibly fast CEP engine, our fraud detection system relies on in-memory computing and data storage—the “black list” of behaviors and metrics that may signify fraud is kept in-memory rather than requiring the system to query the database for each transaction. Where most fraud detection solutions are able to meet a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.7 percent of transactions reviewed within the one-second window, our solution delivers a 99.995 percent SLA, helping to save millions of dollars each year for large financial organizations.

Our fraud detection software also provides:

  • Out-of-the-box alert scenarios
  • High-performance scenario testing tools
  • Pre-defined reports for operational performance and investigations
  • Rapid roll out
  • Fully audited workflow and case management
  • Real-time in batch data integration

The benefits of Software AG’s fraud detection solution

The fraud detection solution from Software AG enables you to:

  • Minimize losses from fraud by reducing time-to-detection
  • Correlate and identify patterns within high-velocity streams across multiple channels
  • Identify and act on unusual behavior using real-time analytics of transactional data
  • Adapt fraud monitoring efforts in response to new fraud techniques
  • Quickly create customized fraud detection rules
  • Manage massive amounts of data in motion from multiple data sources
  • Store important data in-memory for low-latency responses
  • Increase visibility of fraud detection efforts with complete auditing transparency and traceability

In addition to our fraud detection solution, Software AG also offers solutions associated with FX e-commerce, market surveillance, customer experience management and more.

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Learn more about the Apama complex event processing engine

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