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Fraud management solutions | Software AG

As the speed and volume of digital financial transactions continues to increase, organizations require sophisticated fraud management solutions to stay on top of fraud detection and prevention. In years past, fraud management solutions only needed to look backwards at historical data, finding potentially fraudulent transactions after the fact. But with the proliferation of automated systems, fraud management solutions today are able to observe digital behavior in real time and flag fraud as it takes place—as long as the fraud detection software can process data fast enough.

And that’s the problem—the window for spotting fraud and taking steps to stop it is less than one second. With massive amounts of data in motion, superior fraud management solutions must be built with incredibly fast processing speed, since missing even a fraction of potentially fraudulent transactions can add up to tens of millions of dollars in losses for large financial institutions. That’s why companies seeking the industry’s leading fraud management solutions consistently turn to Software AG.

Fraud management solutions from Software AG

At Software AG, our fraud management solutions use in-memory data storage and the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine to dramatically reduce time-to-detection, minimizing losses and improving regulatory reporting. Real-time fraud prevention and detection uses automated analytics to identify suspicious behavior based on metrics that include location, transaction frequency and transaction size. By keeping the “black list” of behaviors and metrics in-memory rather than leaving the system to query the database for every transaction, our fraud management solutions enable organizations to quickly correlate massive amounts of transactional data against customer behavior, spotting and stopping more fraud and saving companies millions of dollars each year.

The key benefits of Software AG’s fraud management solutions

Our fraud monitoring solutions provide significant benefits to financial institutions:

  • Reduce losses from fraud by minimizing time-to-detection
  • Match real-time transactional data against customer history profiles
  • Use real-time recognition of complex rules and patterns to flag potential fraud
  • Handle large volumes of data at high speeds
  • Scale up or out to meet new demand
  • Identify and act on new unusual behavior
  • Rapidly create and apply new fraud rules
  • Update and refine fraud rules in real time
  • Increase management visibility of fraud detection

In addition to fraud management solutions, Software AG also offers solutions for energy analytics for energy theft detection and market surveillance solutions to prevent market manipulation.

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