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IT transformation is essential for business success. Organizations today are more dependent on IT than ever and as the business evolves, IT environments must transform as well. Effective IT transformation requires superior IT portfolio management to ensure that the organization will always have the systems and technologies it needs to not only do business today, but to take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow.

But successful IT transformation is no easy task. The average enterprise IT environment is enormously complex, having evolved organically over many years. A lack of visibility makes it difficult to know how applications and systems are interrelated, and how a change in one area may negatively impact users in another.

For organizations seeking a proven tool for managing IT transformation, Software AG provides Alfabet IT Planning and Portfolio Management, a leading solution for managing applications, project and IT portfolios.

Achieve IT transformation with Software AG

Software AG’s IT transformation solution provides decision-makers with insight into the IT portfolio, enabling them to make better investment decisions and plan how IT can support the business in the future.

Alfabet helps to increase the return on IT investment and minimize the risks inherent to IT transformation. By enabling you to understand why, when, where and how to make changes in your IT portfolio, Alfabet enables you to achieve IT transformation more quickly and cost efficiently, while remaining compliant with regulatory frameworks.

With Software AG’s IT transformation solution, you can:

  • Improve the alignment of your IT portfolios with business strategy as well as capabilities and demands
  • Manage changes to IT portfolios in a consistent and transparent manner
  • Reduce risks by exposing dependencies between different IT portfolios
  • Increase the consistency of stakeholder perspectives with a collaborative planning platform

Managing IT transformation

Alfabet enables you to take control of IT transformation with tools for all aspects of IT governance and portfolio management. Alfabet provides capabilities for:

  • Application portfolio management to ensure you have the right application strategy for IT transformation
  • Technology portfolio management to help manage new releases and introduce new technologies
  • Project portfolio management to ensure that new IT projects support IT transformation
  • Demand management to help stay on top of demands with a transparent and audible approval process

Alfabet can improve IT transformation with tools for service portfolio management, enabling redundant IT services to be transformed into shared business services. The Alfabet software suite also includes solutions for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and state-of-the-art cloud technology.

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Look closer at IT transformation with Alfabet

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See how to manage your IT portfolio in the cloud

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