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In-memory computing | Software AG

In-memory computing can help the enterprise solve the growing challenges of managing access to big data. While big data offers enormous potential for the enterprise, it can create significant latency when users must access data buried deep in a database somewhere. Using in-memory computing can improve the speed of access, but storing more than a few GBs of big data in RAM has been unthinkable—until now. With Software AG’s Terracotta In-Memory Data Management, enterprises can now store big data in memory where it can be quickly retrieved by multiple users via multiple applications.

In-memory computing with Software AG

Terracotta In-Memory Data Management from Software AG is a leading platform for distributed in-memory computing with extremely low, predictable latency at any scale. Easily snapping into enterprise applications, this in-memory computing solution delivers ultra-fast access to hundreds of terabytes of in-memory data.

Software AG’s in-memory computing technology enables you to:

  • Make massive data sets instantly available in ultra-fast RAM distributed across any size server array
  • Easily scale to multiple terabytes of heterogeneous data in-memory, with guaranteed latency of low milliseconds
  • Accelerate application performance with faster access to big data
  • Benefit from real-time data flows of any type of data to and from any device
  • Collect, sort and analyze data faster than the competition
  • Accelerate time-to-insight, understanding customer trends as they happen and mitigating fast-breaking risks

With in-memory computing from Software AG, you have access to bigger data sets at real-time speed to increase the accuracy and timeliness of your decisions. Ultra-fast access and messaging capabilities enable you to discover hidden insights in your data and take instant action. And with the ability to handle risks and take advantage of opportunities faster, you can better protect current revenue and generate new profit streams.

Benefits of in-memory computing

Terracotta in-memory computing provides competitive advantages for enterprises throughout the marketplace, especially when combined with Software AG’s streaming analytics solution and the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine.

  • Marketing organizations can use in-memory computing to deliver real-time personalization, improving the shopping experience at brick-and-mortar retailers
  • In customer experience management, in-memory computing transforms data about customer behavior and preferences into powerful customer experiences
  • Financial firms use in-memory computing for market surveillance to improve fraud detection, detecting complex fraud patterns in real-time data streams and in historical data
  • FX e-commerce firms use in-memory computing to achieve the speed they need to stay ahead of fast-moving foreign exchange markets
  • In-memory computing provides superior supply chain visibility for manufacturing companies with instant access to the status of products, orders, suppliers, deliveries and more

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