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Logistics optimization | Software AG

Logistics optimization is a high priority for manufacturing companies trying to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction. It’s difficult enough to fill hundreds to thousands of orders each day, but order orchestration gets really complicated when logistics partners are in the mix. Without the ability to clearly track the status of orders end-to-end, logistics optimization will always be a limited effort.

Software AG solves the challenges of logistics optimization with an order performance optimization solution that integrates all the data streams around order fulfillment—including information from your partners—into a single view and automates responses to problems in the process. With end-to-end order visibility and early insight into where exceptions to the normal process flow are occurring, you can take action quickly to remediate the situation before the customer is even aware of the problem.

Logistics optimization with Software AG

Software AG’s order performance optimization technology combines several leading product suites for an integrated solution to logistics optimization. These include:

Together, these technologies enable you to identify “at-risk” orders and take action before your customers are affected. You can monitor key metrics in real time in order to resolve problems sooner and avoid the high cost of emergency fixes. And you can automate internal process monitoring with partner tracking systems to get true end-to-end order and supply chain visibility for greater logistics optimization.

Comprehensive logistics optimization capabilities

Order performance optimization from Software AG provides all the tools you need to achieve superior logistics optimization. With this innovative solution, you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving order reliability and responsiveness to customer requests
  • Avoid penalties by ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met
  • Reduce costs by resolving problems early and avoiding expensive fixes and higher shipping costs
  • Develop more resilient order processes by identifying problems in real time and acting on them before they impact customers
  • Improve processes by better understanding where failures occur
  • Solve problems quickly with access to real-time data and with the ability to see exceptions, how they are being managed and by whom, and how long it takes to resolve them
  • Scale quickly to meet business growth and manage larger quantities of orders without having to add more assets

Beyond logistics optimization, Software AG offers other solutions for straight through processing, market surveillance and more.

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