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When data quality is essential to achieving business objectives, an effective approach to Master Data Management (MDM) is a critical priority. No matter the type of data—product, customer, vendor, supplier, employee or location—having a single and definitive view of the master record is essential for operational efficiency and analytical processes. The right MDM solution can ensure you have the data you need to support strategic decision-making, reduce time-to-market, improve customer satisfaction levels and drive revenues.

Software AG provides a market-leading MDM solution in webMethods OneData, a highly versatile and cost-effective master data management platform that lets you manage, enrich, create and deploy any kind of shared data.

Superior MDM from Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods OneData is a five-in-one MDM solution that lets you easily reconcile, cleanse and synchronize any master data, eliminating data redundancy errors across applications, databases and processes.

The five components of this MDM solution include:

  • Multi-domain MDM with an open, pluggable architecture, a “drop-in” modeling strategy that provides quick time-to-value and multiple MDM implementation styles
  • Customer data management with capabilities for merging multiple source systems for data consolidation, cleansing, address verification and geo-coding
  • Reference data management, where reference data can be modeled and harmonized and code sets can be created and enriched against third-party validation sources
  • Hierarchy management with capabilities for managing critical relationships, supporting chart-of-accounts and affiliation management
  • Metadata registry, with capabilities for superior data governance—it’s the only solution that offers complete out-of-the-box support for implementing the ISO11179 standard

Each of these five MDM components may be used individually or with other components, as well as with other webMethods solutions such as BPM to improve workflow.

The benefits of Software AG’s MDM solution

With this MDM solution from Software AG, you can:

  • Eliminate redundancies and errors in data by relying on a true multi-domain MDM platform
  • Improve regulatory compliance with a comprehensive governance framework
  • Make trusted data accessible everywhere—in-memory, via record links, mobile devices, cloud instances and portlets
  • Provide leadership with better data for improved decision-making and forecasting
  • Manage data for mergers and acquisitions more easily and effectively
  • Improve operational efficiency and risk management with access to higher quality data

OneData supports the entire MDM life cycle—from modeling and data acquisition to data governance process flow and trusted data deployment. This non-intrusive MDM solution is completely browser-based, and OneData’s “trusted data everywhere” approach lets users filter, search and report on data through portlets in third-party applications or internal and external intranets.

In addition to our webMethods OneData MDM solution, Software AG provides solutions for data integration, managed file transfer and more.

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