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Mainframe integration | Software AG

As big data, mobile devices, social media and the cloud continue to revolutionize IT environments, enterprises must scramble to figure out how to integrate these new technologies with the existing legacy systems and mainframe applications that they depend upon so heavily. With effective mainframe integration, organizations can adapt more quickly to new and changing business needs, responding faster to opportunities and creating competitive differentiation.

Software AG provides a leading mainframe integration solution in the Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform. By cost effectively transforming core applications to leverage new technology, this mainframe modernization solution lets you get more business value of existing applications.

Mainframe integration with Software AG

Software AG’s Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform is a low-risk, cost-effective approach to mainframe integration that makes indispensable legacy business applications easier to use and more accessible.

This mainframe integration platform modernizes user interfaces to deliver consistent and intuitive interaction with all applications and improve the user experience. The Adabas & Natural platform delivers business logic as services that can be used with big data, mobile, cloud and social initiatives. The platform also provides real-time access to transactional data from existing and new applications, enabling you to get the most value from your data.

With Software AG’s mainframe integration solution, you can:

  • Re-use rather than replace legacy applications
  • Continue to get business value from the processes, workflows and business rules already embedded in your legacy apps
  • Modernize interfaces quickly, giving a modern look and feel to Natural, COBOL, RPG or any other 3GL applications
  • Integrate core apps with desktop and Web applications
  • Integrate green-screen and legacy apps with mobile devices and applications
  • Expose program functionality as Web services using SOA enablement tools

Benefits of Software AG’s mainframe integration solution

Relying on this powerful mainframe integration solution, you can:

  • Make older applications easier to use
  • Increase business productivity by automating actions to eliminate redundancies and manual processes
  • Improve the user experience and deliver a consistent interaction across all applications
  • Minimize risk and cost by avoiding the headaches of a rip-and-replace solution
  • Modernize applications quickly with accelerators that jump start modernization initiatives, speed the transfer of knowledge and unlock business logic for re-use
  • Modernize applications for big data, cloud, mobile and social technologies
  • Give customer service reps the tools to work smarter and faster with a modern interface for core systems
In addition to our mainframe integration, Software AG offers solutions for business process management, enterprise messaging, logistics optimization and an SAP solution for the digital enterprise.

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