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A Managed File Transfer (MFT) application is a critical tool for enterprises today. The number of digital files sent to partners, B2B supply chain vendors, customers and remote employees continues to grow exponentially, while malicious threats to files are on the rise as well. A Managed File Transfer solution can help to not only simplify the management of this overwhelming number of transfers, but ensure the security of your files as well. With the right Managed File Transfer technology, you can make certain that files are sent on time, arrive when needed and dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to manage the transfer of important files.

For enterprises seeking a superior Managed File Transfer solution, Software AG offers webMethods ActiveTransfer, a secure and reliable alternative to FTP and other dated protocols.

Managed File Transfer with webMethods ActiveTransfer

webMethods ActiveTransfer is a Managed File Transfer solution that enables you to exchange files of any size—even humongous big data files—up to 25 times faster than other solutions. With ActiveTransfer you can send a large files quickly over long distances, centrally manage file transfers, set up transfer schedules, and securely exchange files using the latest security and encryption techniques.

Software AG’s Managed File Transfer solution offers tight B2B integration, bringing together B2B, application support and Managed File Transfer in one service-oriented platform.

ActiveTransfer includes support for multiple protocols, proxy and reverse proxy, and file streaming. Role-based access helps to increased security while centralized monitoring and administration simplifies management and reduces costs.

Comprehensive capabilities for Managed File Transfer

With this Managed File Transfer technology, you can:

  • Send files securely using secure protocols like HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP and SCP, and use SSL certificates and SSH keys for encryption and authentication
  • Guarantee on-time delivery of files, meeting SLAs and avoiding penalties associated with missing or delayed transfers
  • Receive real-time alerts notifying you of issues in file transfers as they occur
  • Accelerate transfer of large files by increasing performance 10 to 25 times and working around network latency
  • Control the speed of transfer and allocate network bandwidth to partners
  • Schedule automated transfer of files, or designate file transfers to be triggered by specific events
  • Simplify auditing and reporting by using a central Managed File Transfer console to control and manage inbound and outbound file transfers, resolve issues quickly, and monitor and report on usage for tracking and cross-charging

In addition to solutions for Managed File Transfer, Software AG’s webMethods offers solutions for data governance, data integration, data quality and MDM as well.

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