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Order orchestration | Software AG

In manufacturing, order orchestration can be an incredibly complex task. With multiple products in inventory, hundreds or thousands of customer orders to fill each day and a multitude of logistics partners to coordinate with, order orchestration and logistics optimization require sophisticated technology to ensure that everything gets where it needs to go and arrives on time.

Software AG’s order performance optimization solution simplifies order orchestration with a single view across applications, internal systems and even partners’ systems around the world. By bringing all the data together into a single view, Software AG’s order orchestration technology lets you see more clearly when “exceptions” occur in the normal process flow. With the ability to spot problems in real time, you can take action early enough to change the outcome and deliver a perfect order by automating and continually monitoring order and fulfillment processes.

Ultimately, order performance optimization enables you to exceed customer expectations and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), helping to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and protect your bottom line.

Order orchestration with Software AG

Visibility is the key to the success of Software AG’s order orchestration solution. With the ability to see everything in real time—including data from logistics partners—and monitor it in real time, Software AG’s order performance optimization technology lets you combine current, real-time metrics with historical data to determine whether current order processing is on track. Automated alerts let you know when a disruption is about to occur and exception-based processes combine automatic case management and manual intervention to resolve issues quickly.

With Software AG’s order orchestration solution, you can:

  • Identify possible disruptions before your customer is affected
  • Standardize your responses to predictors of failure as well as actual exceptions
  • Trigger solutions to exceptions before customers are even aware of a problem
  • Spend more time improving processes and services and less time fighting fires
  • Monitor real-time key metrics to avoid expensive fixes
  • Avoid SLA penalties and expedited shipping costs by reducing problems with order orchestration
  • Automatically monitor partner tracking systems regardless of your suppliers’ technological capabilities
  • Get deep and unparalleled insight into partner processes

Technology behind this order orchestration solution

The order performance optimization solution combines several of Software AG’s leading technology suites and includes:

In addition order orchestration solutions, Software AG also provides solutions for cloud integration, SaaS integration, omni-channel fulfillment and more.

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