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Order visibility is critical to profitability in the manufacturing business. As manufacturers seek to increase margins, superior order visibility supports logistics optimization to ensure that orders are filled on time and without problems, helping to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

In today’s highly global marketplace, however, order visibility is an increasingly complex task—especially when logistics partners are added to the equation. Without the ability to see the order process from end to end, complete order visibility and supply chain visibility are nearly impossible.

That’s where Software AG can help. Our order performance optimization solution integrates all data streams concerning order visibility into a single view and even captures data from partners, regardless of the applications they use or their technical maturity.

Order visibility with order performance optimization

Software AG’s order visibility solution enables you to proactively improve order orchestration by identifying and managing problems with orders before they impact customers or increase your expenses. By providing the tools to collaborate internally and externally to resolve exceptions in real time, this order visibility technology helps to dramatically increase customer satisfaction and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Order performance optimization also enables you to:

  • Exceed the expectations of customers by increasing the reliability of order fulfillment and by being more responsive to customer requests
  • Build a more resilient order fulfillment infrastructure by understanding the indicators that drive performance success or failure
  • Solve problems more quickly with access to real-time data on where exceptions are occurring and how they are being managed
  • Reduce costs by resolving issues before high-cost fixes are required
  • Automate responses to exceptions in order to fix problems before they impact customers
  • Spend less time fighting fires and more time proactively improving processes and customer service
  • Alert customers to problems ahead of time to help mitigate customer dissatisfaction
  • Scale order visibility infrastructure as needed to meet business demands and to handle larger numbers of orders

Technology that enables order visibility

Software AG’s order visibility technology is built on several market-leading product suites, including solutions for:

  • Business activity monitoring
  • Proven B2B and A2A integration
  • Mobile device accessibility
  • The world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine

These technologies combine to integrate current real-time metrics with historical data and make it easier to assess through automation whether current order processing is on track—and how to fix it if it’s not.

In addition to technology for order visibility, Software AG also provides solutions for predictive maintenance and SAP solution options.

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