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Real-time big data | Software AG

Real-time big data offers incredible benefits to the enterprise, promising to help accelerate decision-making, uncover new opportunities and provide unprecedented breadth of insight. But working with real-time big data can strain traditional IT resources. When real-time big data is stored in databases, latency can become a significant issue as the number of users rises to ever-larger volumes.

That’s where Terracotta In-Memory Data Management from Software AG can help. By storing real-time big data in-memory, Terracotta provides ultra-fast access to massive data sets to multiple users on multiple applications.

Ultra-fast access to real-time big data

Software AG’s Terracotta makes massive data sets instantly available in ultra-fast RAM distributed across any size server array. This real-time big data solution can easily maintain hundreds of terabytes of heterogeneous data in-memory, with latency guaranteed in the low milliseconds. By accelerating access to real-time big data, Terracotta accelerates application performance as well as time to insight and allows users to gather, sort and analyze data faster than the competition. Enterprises can understand customer trends as they are happening, mitigate fast-breaking risk and enjoy real-time data flows of any type of data to and from any device.

Terracotta enables enterprises to:

  • Improve decision-making with faster access to information
  • Discover hidden insights and with ultra-fast access and messaging capabilities
  • Take advantage of opportunities more quickly to protect and generate new revenue
  • Connect to social, Web, mobile and other sources

How enterprises use Terracotta for real-time big data

Enterprises in every industry vertical are using the ultra-fast access to real-time big data provided by Terracotta for competitive advantage. In financial services, enterprises are using real-time big data to spot market manipulation and slash fraud detection time from minutes or hours to mere seconds, saving tens of millions of dollars in annual profit. Cable operators are using real-time big data to guarantee seamless viewing of entertainment on tablets with real-time user authentication. E-commerce retailers are cutting website page load times and improving success of cross-selling by integrating Terracotta with Hadoop. Telecommunications companies are dramatically reducing processing time for customer service transactions and improving call center efficiency with faster access to account data. And travel companies are reducing the time it takes to book travel and other high-value services.

Beyond providing solutions for real-time big data, Software AG also provides solutions for cloud data integration, code sets, data governance and more.

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Learn more about lightning-fast access to big data

Learn about other Software AG solutions for analytics and decisions

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