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Real-time analytics | Software AG

When you want to accelerate decision-making to stay competitive, real-time analytics from Software AG can help. Software AG’s real-time analytics solution lets you easily connect to multiple data sources, quickly mash up operational dashboards with live data and share them easily on desktop and mobile devices. You can create a real-time analytics dashboard or big data visualization once and re-use it is often as needed. Because the solution works with live data—nothing needs to be copied, stored or re-housed—it delivers answers faster and handles data that other Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platforms cannot.

Comprehensive capabilities for real-time analytics

Real-time analytics capabilities assure faster access to operational intelligence:

  • Connectivity features let you connect to multiple live data sources, including unstructured data like social media feeds, and keep them continually updated so your real-time analytics are based on up-to-the-second changes
  • In-memory analytics increase the speed of delivery of operational insight
  • A “point-click-connect” assembly tool lets you manipulate real-time analytics to create meaningful data visualizations
  • Easy-to-use tools let business users share their interactive dashboards based on real-time analytics without needing help from IT
  • Mobile optimization means you can run real-time analytics on websites, mobile devices SharePoint® and portals
  • An extensible design allows you to plug in custom and third-party components and embed the technology easily in other applications

Benefits of Software AG’s real-time analytics

With Software AG's real-time analytics solution, you can:

  • Combine fresh data from any source to see your most important indicators in real time
  • Set up new dashboards and mashups quickly—in hours or even minutes, you can have access to the insight you need to make better decisions
  • Work with big data analytics using tools that let you integrate with streaming big data and massive data sets
  • Re-use mashups, creating dashboards once and then running them as needed on portals, websites and mobile devices
  • Measure continuous business performance with easy access to real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Minimize reliance on IT with tools that let anyone create a mashup and share it easily
  • Keep data safe and secure—the technology requires no data to be stored on any device

The real-time analytics solution includes comprehensive integration support for enterprise standards, including Java® DataBase Connectivity (JDBC®) support, CSV files, SOAP/RESTful Web services and SharePoint lists.

Software AG also offers other solutions for claim management, fraud detection, omni-channel fulfillment and more.

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Learn more about analytics on fast-moving big data

Discover more solutions for operational intelligence

See how to target consumers with smart digital signage

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