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Risk management software | Software AG

The right risk management software can change Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) from a cumbersome burden to a strategic advantage. After all, the capabilities needed to successfully manage GRC—deep insight into operations and broad control over business processes—are the same capabilities you need for success in the marketplace. The best risk management software solutions will not only provide robust tools for efficiently managing and monitoring GRC, but will also deliver all the strategic insights you need to guide your business successfully into the future. For organizations seeking a powerful risk management software solution, Software AG provides an intelligent GRC solution that transforms risk management from a burden to a value driver.

Software AG’s innovative risk management software

Software AG is a leading provider of solutions that enable businesses to achieve their objectives faster. Our broad product portfolio provides integrated solutions for customer experience management, fraud detection, omni-channel fulfillment, SAP solutions and more.

Our intelligent GRC software eases the burden of managing GRC with an integrated set of capabilities that provides a single point of truth across all GRC functions. This risk management software provides the analytical tools you need to find the answer to virtually any question about operations of the enterprise, so you can manage your GRC responsibilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Software AG’s risk management software also provides:

  • Real-time identification of control issues with automated alerting and remediation
  • Accelerated reporting for rapid decision-making
  • Improved and automated risk and control assurance
  • Automated real-time monitoring and data analysis

Ultimately, our risk management software is a compliance management solution that provides continuous control, continuous monitoring and continuous analysis, providing you with real-time insights into the organization and the marketplace. With the visibility this risk management software provides, you can both guide your organization forward and respond easily and efficiently to governance, risk and compliance demands.

Benefits of intelligent risk management software

Software AG’s risk management solution offers the enterprise extraordinary benefits for monitoring and improving both GRC and operational performance. With our risk and compliance management software, you can:

  • Increase value through improved financial and operating controls
  • Detect exceptions in real time and respond immediately
  • Replace manual preventive controls with automated detective controls to increase efficiency and traceability
  • Use automatic alerting and remediation to identify control issues in real time
  • Reduce costs of compliance, internal audits and unaddressed control deficiencies
  • Establish a more effective auditing process
  • Work with a single point of truth for all GRC master data on risks, processes, IT, controls and regulatory requirements

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