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Risk management solution | Software AG

While Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) often feels like a burden to the enterprise, the right risk management solution can transform GRC from a time-consuming encumbrance to a strategic and competitive advantage. A superior risk management solution uses sophisticated technology to deliver insight into the enterprise and operations and to control and refine processes—the exact same capabilities required to succeed in the marketplace. With a powerful risk management solution, you can not only manage successful GRC efforts, but transform your organization to compete more effectively in the future.

Software AG, a leader in solutions that help businesses achieve their objectives faster, provides an intelligent risk management software solution that can help you manage your GRC responsibilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

An intelligent risk management solution from Software AG

Software AG’s risk management solution is an integrated suite of business process, analytics, and governance, risk and compliance management software. This offering enables you not only to manage GRC easily and successfully, but to take advantage of the GRC processes to strengthen overall performance and make better business decisions.

Software AG’s risk management solution provides:

  • A single point of truth across all GRC functions
  • Accelerated reporting and rapid decision-making
  • Real-time identification of control issues with automated alerts and remediation
  • Improved and automated risk and control assurance

Automation plays a large role in this risk management solution. Instead of taking a reactive approach to risk, Software AG’s GRC solution uses automation to facilitate real-time monitoring and real-time data analysis to identify emerging and imminent risks and take proactive steps to mitigate or avoid them. Rather than acting retrospectively or executing controls and set intervals, organizations can use this risk management solution to shift control to systems that operate continuously and that inform business decisions with predictive analytics.

Benefits of Software AG’s risk management solution

Software AG’s GRC software provides far-reaching benefits, enabling organizations to:

  • Leverage GRC as a value-driver instead of a burden
  • Break down traditional silos and achieve fully integrated business control
  • Accelerate reporting for more rapid decision-making and business improvement
  • Detect exceptions in real time and respond immediately to reduce damage
  • Reduce the ongoing cost of compliance
  • Establish a more automated, risk-based control environment with lower labor costs
  • Get notifications and analyze impacts when regulations change
  • Developing more robust and more effective auditing process

Ultimately, with Software AG’s governance, risk and compliance management solution, you gain continuous control, continuous monitoring and continuous analysis.

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