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As the use APIs opens up vast numbers of new distribution channels for products and services, enterprises want to compete in the new API economy and they also need powerful tools for managing SOA services. An API and SOA management solution provides a framework for the development, deployment, operations and management of existing and new SOA services. With the right solution for SOA governance, enterprises can ensure that SOA services are aligned with business objectives and are available to the users and developers who want to access them. For enterprises seeking a leading SOA services and API management solution, Software AG offers the webMethods API Management Platform.

Managing SOA services with Software AG

Software AG’s webMethods API Management Platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing APIs and SOA services. With Software AG, you can easily manage the entire process of planning, designing and developing SOA services as well as developing and securely exposing APIs to external developers as well as partners and other consumers.

CentraSite, a component of the webMethods platform, is an API catalog and SOA registry/repository that promotes the re-use of assets to accelerate and guide the development of new APIs and SOA services.

Features of this API/SOA management solution include:

  • A unified asset catalog – a central, platform-independent application for defining, describing and storing assets
  • An API portal for publishing APIs and automatically syncing API documentation
  • An API gateway for securing and mediating traffic between API consumers and your back-end servers
  • The ability to collect metrics for performance dashboards and for API monetization
  • Life-cycle management and versioning tools to track the evolution of SOA services and APIs from conception to retirement
  • Policy management tools to automate life-cycle processes

Benefits of Software AG’s SOA services solution

With webMethods and CentraSite, you can:

  • Ensure that the right SOA services and APIs are being built in the right way
  • Eliminate rework and foster re-use by providing a catalog of re-usable SOA services and API assets
  • Manage the SOA life cycle and all the tasks involved in planning, developing and implementing APIs
  • Track the adoption and benefits of SOA services and APIs
  • View the impact of changes to APIs and SOA services by better understanding the interdependencies between assets
  • Capture all documentation details on REST APIs
  • Make decisions more quickly, with information on SOA services and API assets just a click away

Beyond providing solutions for managing SOA services, Software AG also provides solutions for digital transformation, fraud detection and more.

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Explore API management with Software AG

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