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Fraud prevention and detection | Software AG

For today’s financial institutions, fraud prevention and detection is all about speed. You typically have a window of less than one second to spot and stop a potentially fraudulent transaction. Automated fraud prevention and detection systems can help by using analytics to identify unusual patterns consistent with loan fraud, credit card fraud or money laundering. But with multiple channels and millions of transactions per day, it takes an incredibly fast fraud detection software solution to process transactions quickly enough. When only 0.3 percent of those one-second windows are missed, large financial institutions may suffer losses of $10 million per year or more.

That’s where Software AG can help. With fraud prevention and detection capabilities built on the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine, our fraud monitoring solution can cut that 0.3 percent to 0.005 percent—saving companies millions of dollars annually.

Software AG’s fraud prevention and detection solution

In addition to an incredibly fast CEP engine, our real-time fraud detection and prevention technology relies on in-memory data storage to process and analyze transactions more quickly. By keeping the list of rules about potentially fraudulent behavior in-memory rather than requiring the system to query the database for each transaction, our fraud prevention and detection solution enables you to correlate more data against customer behavior in real time in order to reduce time-to-detection and minimize losses due to fraud.

Software AG’s fraud prevention and detection solution includes:

  • A flexible browser-based user interface
  • More than 40 common adapters to ensure connectivity
  • More than 50 pre-defined scenarios for real-time and historical alerts
  • A flexible framework that enables you to create and update scenarios to suit your needs
  • High-performance scenario testing tools
  • Feature-rich alert and case management tools
  • Comprehensive market replay tools
  • Fully audited workflow and options to create automated and customize workflows
  • More than 20 pre-defined reports
  • Flexible data visualization tools

Benefits of fraud prevention and detection with Software AG

Our fraud management solutions enable your system to:

  • Detect fraud quickly to prevent revenue loss
  • Monitor millions of transactions from multiple channels in real time
  • Identify unusual patterns in fraudulent activity by combining real-time transactional data and historical analysis of customer behavior
  • Adapt quickly to new fraud techniques by rapidly applying new rules
  • Update and refine fraud rules in real time
  • Balance and prioritize workloads to ensure maximum recovery
  • Get complete auditing transparency and traceability

In addition to providing innovative fraud prevention and detection solutions, Software AG also provides other marketing leading solutions for omni-channel fulfillment and order orchestration as well as market surveillance solutions to prevent market manipulation.

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